Will The Originals have enemies rising against them?

If you are a fan of The Originals, it is a hard if not an alarming mid-season finale. Trying to have the perfect Christmas and keep Cami alive, things take a turn for the worse. Family curses and Cami with her throat open is not a great holiday for Klaus. I am sure he feels the same way, but will things get better?

Spoilers from TVLine’s Ask Ausiello have a grim outlook. So the new year will be hard for The Mikaelsons’ as new characters come in the storyline. Looks like everyone might try his or her hand at some Originals revenge. Mm…

Question: Still freaking out after The Originalsmidseason finale. Please tell me you have good news. — Betty
Sorry, Betty, no good news here — especially if you’re a Mikaelson. As if Aurora, Tristan and Lucien weren’t enough, I hear another shadow from the Original family’s past is coming back to haunt them in 2016. Be on the lookout for Cortez, a “callous, smart and manipulative” vampire with “little regard for human life.” Sounds like a hoot, no?

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