TVD and The Originals universe connects one more time post-TVD Final. 

Fans of The Vampire Dairies and The Originals universe have screamed crossovers since the series premiere. In fact, for two shows so connected with each other, they have had little connections thus far. The first and biggest impact being Stefan’s visit to New Orleans and the phone call heard around the world between Klaus and Caroline. However, this crossover over had tiny if any impact on the major storylines of both shows at the moment. So what makes Alaric’s crossover different? Everything and here’s why.

Alaric and Klaus share a connection like no other, Klaus’s first ever appearance in TVD was through Alaric’s body. So Alaric is no newbie just strolling into town offering The Mikaelsons’ something, he knows the history of this family.  Alaric has studied occult history throughout TVD, so his knowledge will come in handy.

Why Alaric's Crossover Will Change Everything on The Originals.Alaric then became an original by Esther in season 3 of TVD and to make things worse; She creates him in the imagine of an original vampire hunter. Yep. So in the grand scheme of things Alaric is closer to The Mikaelsons’ than any other person in Mystic Falls. He has also killed or attempted to kill Klaus and Elijah. He does not scare easily.

Why Alaric's Crossover Will Change Everything on The Originals.Plus, Both men have loved/loves Caroline Forbes, and Alaric is the father of Josie and Lizzie. Regardless of Klaus’s current love life, we know he promised to be Caroline’s last love sealing the deal with a letter we see at the end of TVD. Which he still holds faithful to that pledge. So I am sure Klaus will give Alaric his attention/or at least hear him out. Remember when Klaus kicked Stefan out only to help him after his phone call with Caroline. Promising to keep him safe, he will assure it. Yeah, me too.

Why Alaric's Crossover Will Change Everything on The Originals.So this crossover definitely will have a lasting effect on The Originals. Just recently the Ask Ausiello gave us more reason to believe so.

Question: I’m going through Vampire Diaries withdrawal over here! What can you tell me about Alaric’s upcoming trip to The Originals? –Alice
Sorry to hear about your difficult time, Alice. Hopefully this can can help: Charles Michael Davis (aka The Originals’ Marcel) recently teased a scene he has opposite Matt Davis (Alaric) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah). “Matt took it upon himself to ad-lib a lot, so it was tough getting through that scene,” he said. “When they put out the bloopers for the season, I feel like that scene is definitely going to be in there.” (And here’s some bonus scoop for that blooper reel: It may or may not involve Beyoncé.) TVLine

Alaric will interact with Marcel, Elijah, and Klaus. So something tells me that the letter thanking Caroline we see at the end of TVD’s final episode will start to link up with this crossover. Plus, we know Alaric will not come empty-handed, so it could be something that will help The Originals in defeating this new threat and possibly save Hope in the process.

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