Attention! Klaroline Fandom There Is Something Special Coming Just For You…


From The Vampire Diaries to The Originals we all know the different ships but this is something special for us Klaroliners. Launching Oct. 30th 2013 The KC family will have it’s very own home. Klaroline Magazine is a website all about our favorite OTP Klaus and Caroline. I love this idea for the positivity it brings to the fandom. I support all ships and never down anyone for who they ship or don’t, but everyone is different and some things did spiral within The KC Family. But Klaroline Magazine offers a positive sanctuary for all things Klaroline. Plus I think it’s time for our fandom to turn negatives into positives. Below you will see the reason and drive of this magazine, taken from the website itself….

Credit: The CW

Is klaroline dead? Maybe for now, maybe just until the writers realize the mammoth blunder they’ve made, or maybe forever. Between two different cities, a returning boyfriend, teen witches, creepy medler of a brother, bun in the oven and ready to pop, and ambitions to be ‘The King’, it seems like the dream of Klaroline is slowly fading. The fandom abruptly and surprisingly came out of nowhere after Our Town (3×11), scaring all the locals of The Vampire Diaries fandom. The support and numbers only growing until they snowballed into what, for certain, is now the biggest fandom of the show. They have endured through half-baked plots, 30 second scenes to appease their shipper hearts, and countless promises and hints to more that mostly just led to nothing. They have gritted their teeth, hissed out in exasperation, and rolled their eyes. But they have stayed, they have persisted, they have been resilient and vocal, and quite frankly, made it crystal clear, that they aren’t going anywhere. No returning boyfriends, no distances, no babies and no take-over plans are going to stop them shipping, dreaming and wanting Klaroline. Klaroline may be dead, for the writers, for the shows, for the actors. But for the fandom, the people, the shippers, it will never be dead, and it’s stronger than ever. So, in essence, The Klaroline Magazine is a platform for the fandom, and its many talents. And an opportunity to showcase our strength in numbers and resilience to those who believe we have no influence (aka the writers), in a positive and non-detrimental manner.


Credit: for awesome Klaroline fan art Marisol Tammero on Twitter

So, the question arises. What is this?

As the name suggests, it’s quite literally A Klaroline Magazine. An exclusive page that works to cover all aspects of the fandom – Fanfictions/Drabbles, Graphics, Blogs, Video’s, News, Opinions. From Fanfiction reviews, to author and blogger interviews, graphics, videos, columns, episode recaps, polls, quizzes and tonnes of other fun stuff, you can expect all on this website. It’s your daily dose of Klaroline and the Klaroline fandom guaranteed. For more, please refer to this page.

How can I participate?

As mentioned earlier, this magazine is for the fandom, by the fandom. Besides our extensive team that work on the magazine, even you as a loyal shipper of Klaroline can be a part of this Magazine. To start with, send in your suggestions. Tell us what you love, what you only like, what makes you go ‘meh’, and what’d you’d like to see. Suggest us more Fictions/Drabbles for our Fanfiction section. Give us ideas of what more you’d like to see. Is there a Blog or Fanfiction or Graphic artist we haven’t covered, then let us know. Help us formulate our Top 25 series. Give us feedback on our News and Opinions section. Do you like our columns? Have any other ideas for it? Tell us. Take a look at our fun stuff section. What do you think of it? What more would you like to see in here? Feedback is the basis of any good interactive site, so help us make this magazine better. It’s quite frankly, the most important job of all.

Credit for above: Klaroline Magazine


Good news is the site is already up, so you can bookmark it now,Klaroline Magazine. You can also follow on twitter @klarolinemag. Here are links to other places you will find Klaroline Magazine: Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube. So head over all you Klaroliners and check it out! Here is a sneak peek video of things to come!!!


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