Calling All Originals’ Fans: Let’s Get Social

Wanna chat about The Originals/ Vampire Diaries and all the things you love or don’t. Come check me out at Each week we will focus on the buzz going around in The Originals Fandom. It’s simple to join. Just go to and click on the live stream tab and enter the chat. That’s it, that simple.

Poster_585w copyThe Originals Buzz Sessions will take place weekly, starting at 6pmEST. The team over at Insticator along with your host–me. Would like for each session to focus on what the fans are discussing. Please remember..this is not a place for ship-wars or writer/actor hate. We want to create a fun environment for the fans by me (a fan). Where we can talk freely and openly. That will include ships/writer theories and opinions. In a respectable way. All views are my own and I would love to hear yours. So if you have any news or topics you would like to discuss be sure to send them in to me. You can reach me on Twitter @theoriginalsaaf or @insticator_inc. So come have fun and talk all about The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. See you there….

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