Candice King Looks Amazing while Celebrating 4 years with Joe King.


Candice King Celebrates four years with her husband Joe King while showing off her post-baby look. 

The Vampire Diaries star Candice King (Caroline Forbes) marks Superbowl Sunday and four years with husband Joe King (The Fray). King shares her post-baby look over the weekend with little Florence not far by her parents, as she and Joe snap a Superbowl dip photo on Instagram. If you follow the Kings on Instagram, you will see the dip has become a tradition of theirs.

Super Bowl Baby dip ?? Happy 4 year anniversary Hubs! ❤️ Go Broncos!!!

Candice King is still out enjoying her maternity leave, but the star has wowed fans with her post-baby look. Candice looks stunning in photos released this weekend, but the star did have a healthy pregnancy. Plus Genetics always play a part in these things, my favorite is just her smile, and that’s evident enough that she and Florence are healthy and happy. 

Rollin with my homies… @kaylaewell @amanda_gordon ? cred: the amazing @josekingseco

Timeline of Candice and Joe King. Congrats!! 


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