Caroline Wins Again: Poll Results of The Best TVD Crossover For The Originals.


Caroline Wins Again: Poll Results of The Best TVD Crossover For The Originals.

We are a small but dedicated site for The Originals. The Poll we conducted lasted only a few short days but the small response we received followed suit with a lot of the other media outlets that pose the question. Best TVD Crossover for The Originals? Caroline Forbes takes the win for this poll. Stefan was second with Damon and Bonnie barley getting to 10 votes. Really I thought Bonnie would be her competition with all that’s happening on the other side. So CONGRATS  Klaroliners for another poll won.

The Klaroline Takeover Continues : Big Win in PCA’s Poll, Worldwide Media Attention, and The Klaroline Buttons Project.

I know this is a touchy subject and many are tired of the question but facts don’t lie. Never in my time of watching television. And folks I watch a lot…have I seen such outpour of support and demand for a fictional couple. Klaus and Caroline have beat out some of the all time favorites in television history as most romantic, adored, along with best chemistry. So Why have we not seen the blonde in New Orleans? Julie Plec has made it clear that The Originals has to stand on its own and Caroline is an important part to TVD. So we don’t expect to see Caroline in New Orleans anytime soon. Joseph Morgan gave his most recent interview about Klaroline today.

Klaroline Always Wins: Poll Results of The Best TVD Crossover For The Originals.Of course, we had to know about Caroline (Candice Accola)! We asked Morgan if there was any news on another crossover for him on The Vampire Diaries in the near future. Though he was a bit reluctant to go into detail, he did say he’s sticking to his words at The Originals’ TCA panel.

“There’s nothing I can say to you that I didn’t sum up already,” Morgan told us. “That was my wise answer to the whole Caroline question, so I really don’t have anymore to say about it, you know?”



Now to refresh you on what Joseph’s answer was to the Klaroline question during Paley Fest.

“I think in the beginning, definitely, I was in favor of the two characters because she opened up a side of Klaus that we hadn’t seen before, and I really wanted to see that vulnerability, and I was in favor of all the dynamic between them,” Morgan says. “I never thought it was a good idea for them to just be together and that’s the end of it, because then where’s the drama and the interest?”

He continues, “One of the things about [Klaus] that’s so wonderful is he can’t find love because he just messes it up for himself. So as much as he may want to be with Caroline, I think he would mess it up for her as well. And I think that the character of Caroline Forbes doesn’t deserve to be messed up in that way.”

I can understand Joseph’s concern with not wanting a love story to go stale. I feel like that is what is happening on TVD with Damon and Elena. But I think Klaus and Caroline’s relationship would be different and more interesting.

Will Caroline and Klaus ever happen in The Originals 

Klaroline still gets over 54,000 plus tweets a day according to twitter statistics. Compared to the new arising ships on The Originals, which as combined still don’t get that many. Plus…I don’t know if Klaus will ever find love, since Joseph has commented that he can not. Or at least if he did, he would miss it up. Only time will tell how Klaroline will play out. I don’t think it’s over because it’s been a year and people are still rooting for these two. But that decision will be left up to Julie Plec, and of course Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola. Whatever may come one thing is certain, people really want to see this dynamic played out on television.


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