Klaus is Back in Mystic Falls: “Hello Caroline” Rings Through The...

One Original is going to Mystic Falls and it has not been confirmed yet who Klaus is taking back with him. ONE things for...

New Promo Posters for The Originals

Check out these awesome new promo posters for The Originals. Which one is your favorite?  

The Originals – ‘City Beneath The Sea’ Promo Pics

The Originals – 'City Beneath The Sea' Promo Pics. It seems Dahlia and Klaus have some type of "understanding" in The Originals episode 2x20 'City...

The Originals 1×12 Promo “Dance Back from the Grave”

Here's a look at what to come on The Originals episode 1x12 "Dance Back from the Grave." Full synopsis here.. http://youtu.be/Rdbtwd-Z4S0

The Originals New Promo Pics of The Cast.

The CW has given Eonline an exclusive first look at some very hot new promo pics of The Originals cast. No one can deny...

NEW!! The Originals – Wrong Half Trailer [video]

The CW released another promo for upcoming episodes of The Originals. http://youtu.be/JkVk64PWXwA

#TheOriginals 1×10 Promo – The Casket Girls [HD]

Seems like the girls are gonna take a stand in The Originals "Casket Girls" airing Jan. 14, 2014. http://youtu.be/oA09Jhfn2AE

The Originals: Rebekah Calls Out Elijah [promo]

The Originals episode for next week looks amazing. I did notice that during all the commotion Rebekah calls out Elijah on his feelings for...

The Originals 1×14 “Long Way Back from Hell” Promo [HD]

The Originals Short Promo for episode 1x14. Looks like Klaus and Rebekah are going to need some help!!! http://youtu.be/GGqWqSAc5yo

The Originals | Dead Angels Trailer | The CW

The Originals "Dead Angels" airs on February 12th, starting at 9/8c on The CW Related: The Originals Episode 3×12 “Dead Angels” Synopsis and Preview Pics.

The Originals The Axeman’s Letter: Pics, videos and more.

The Originals The Axeman's Letter: Pics, videos and more.
The Originals The Axeman's Letter: Klaus and Aurora get hot and maybe wild. Here are all your goodies on The Originals episode 3.05 "The Axeman's...

The Originals “Exquisite Corpse” Pics & Synopsis.

The Originals "Exquisite Corpse" Pics & Synopsis. CONTROLLING THE DEMON — When Eva Sinclair’s (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) reemergence leaves Rebekah trapped and helpless, Klaus...