The Originals | Dead Angels Trailer | The CW

The Originals "Dead Angels" airs on February 12th, starting at 9/8c on The CW Related: The Originals Episode 3×12 “Dead Angels” Synopsis and Preview Pics.

The Originals: Klaus is Enjoying His Bourbon but May Soon Need...

The Cw released the long-awaited web clips from The Originals upcoming episode "The River in Reverse". The first clip has Cami typing away as...

Updated: The Originals – 2×22 “Ashes to Ashes” Photos & Synopsis.

The Originals - 2x22 "Ashes to Ashes" Photo Stills. The time has finally come as we close chapter 2 of The Originals. The CW releases...

Updated [Pics]:The Originals’ Daniel Gillies Directs 4.10 “Phantomesque” Episode Description.

The Originals' Daniel Gillies Directs 4.10 "Phantomesque" Episode Description
Daniel Gillies Directs Episode 4.10 "Phantomesque"  "Phantomesque" - (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, LV) (HDTV) DANIEL GILLIES DIRECTS THE EPISODE - After the devastating events of the...

The Originals 2×21 Promo “Fire with Fire.”

The Originals 2x21 Promo "Fire with Fire". Don't miss it May 4th. Only two explosive episodes left in season 2 of The Originals. 

NEW!! The Originals – Wrong Half Trailer [video]

The CW released another promo for upcoming episodes of The Originals.

#TheOriginals 1×10 Promo – The Casket Girls [HD]

Seems like the girls are gonna take a stand in The Originals "Casket Girls" airing Jan. 14, 2014.