Claire Holt’s Hollywood Glamour Style


The lovely Claire Holt [Rebekah] show us her hollywood glamour style in this months LA Confidential magazine. The shot is absolutely stunning of the 25-year-old blonde bombshell.

Bedecked in a bordeaux number by Guishem. Credit LA Confidential Magazine.

Rebekah, who Holt says started off as a “mean, selfish, and childish” character, has developed into a vampire with a heart—figuratively speaking, of course.

“She’s coming into her own as an independent woman,” Holt says. “She’s more sensitive to other people’s feelings.” Empathy and friendliness have never been issues for the actress, however. “Claire impressed me from the moment she walked on to our set,” Diaries costar Nina Dobrev says. “She has a quick wit, talent, and a charisma that is infectious and compelling to watch. I’m sad to see her leave our show, but I’m excited for her to now carry her own.”

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