The Originals season five is a go, and the door is wide open. 

The Originals’ get a season five pickup, and I have never been so excited for a season than before. Julie Plec takes to Twitter to thank fans for their devotion and promises that this season is for us.

I hope you hold true to your word Julie because follow the ending of TVD and previous talks of spin-offs and expanding the universe of TVD/TheOriginals; fans are expecting huge storylines in the future. Ones that include broadening the world of New Orleans and including one we left behind Mystic Falls. However, some fans may not be as excited about this announcement giving storylines that did not play out the way they wanted this season and last on The Originals, but one thing stands true. Fans leading up to the ending of The Vampire Diaries and during the entire existence of The Originals have asked for this since day one. Let’s hope their love for the Mikaelsons, and the potential keep them around. In the meantime, Julie Plec can blow us away next season, let’s hope that momentum stays and we get one hell of a season 5 for The Originals. The CW has yet to confirm episode order or returning date, which we should get more information this upcoming week at upfronts on May 18th. Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Originals

Tune in this Friday for the beginning of a new chapter on The Originals. Alaric visits and Davina returns. 

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