Elijah On A Sexy Human Katherine


It was the heartbreak felt across the world, when Elijah told Katherine goodbye. Finally choosing his brother and family over love. Daniel Gillies spoke on the matter during Comic-con. Saying the goodbye does not mean the end.

“In fact, Elijah might be drawn to her even more because Katherine’s been cured of her vampirism. “Now that she’s human, she’s all the more sexy,” said Daniel. “Elijah loves humanity. He’s in love with humanity. I made that decision for him a long time ago, and I always try to squeeze it into the performances. … I think the more humble she becomes, the more madly in love with her he will fall.”

I can understand where Gillies is coming from. Elijah to me really does miss aspects of his humanity. So what does that look like for the love life in season 1 of ‘The Originals’? It seems both brothers have left their hearts in Mystic Falls.

I for one would love to see our resident bad girl turned human, take a trip down to the big easy. And maybe since Caroline will be all stress from Bonnie’s death and college, she could join in too. Taking both our brothers by surprise. Pay attention Julie Plec, I just gave you a plot.

Well for us that still ship Kalijah and Klaroline, this gives us hope. Right?


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