Everyone’s Warming Up to Hayley, But Will She Betray The Originals?


After watching “House of The Rising Son” over again, something stood out to me that I missed with all the sibling bonding happening between Klaus and Rebekah. Hayley’s reaction to the whole thing and her lurking. Why I think we should watch this baby mama? For one her reaction when Rebekah explains to her about the coffins. After Rebekah leaves the room, Hayley looks like the wheels where already turning. Sure we know her next move, but something tells me this wolf has more tricks up her sleeve.

h036a-o15-org-110-09Remember she did get Tyler to unsire the hybrids and knew professor Shane the whole time. No one saw that coming on TVD, or at least I didn’t. So I can give her kudos because I think this wolf does have a mind of her own. She lurks around the mansion all day and if you notice during the clip she is holding the book with The Mikaelson “M” on it. Which means she is reading up on The Originals. Also her face after Klaus shows he could want the baby or at least care.

I think Hayley might betray our beloved Originals in the end, and I think Klaus knows it. Because she did run and tell him about the hybrids and struck a deal with Katherine. If it’s one thing we can count on Klaus never forgets your moves. So with that, after I watched the episode over again. I got something totally different from the scene with him and her. I think both Klaus and Hayley know they need each other to get through this, not in a romantic way but just to survive. Klaus does not want Hayley running off to Marcel and Hayley may not want her baby in such a dysfunctional family. But she needs them to survive for the time being.  I mean she longs for a family but it may not be with the Mikaelsons. Plus, I’m sure after the witch she encountered told her it’s the right thing to do there are plenty more where she came from that might help this wolf out. If she decides to run after the baby is born.

As far as her getting close to Rebekah, I think they did share a moment but for Hayley it was a means to an end. She could gain Rebekah’s trust quicker than Klaus’s and she knows that. Like my mom use to tell me “It’s the quiet ones you have to watch for” Also throughout the whole episode she makes comments about being tired of vampires telling her what to do, or you should never trust them…  Hint… Maybe.

A romance  for her and Klaus I don’t see it, at least not now. I did notice how hurt she was when she told Rebekah about Elijah leaving. So I would go for Hayley and Elijah before her and Klaus.

What do you think? Will Hayley stick around after the baby is born?


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