Exclusive Look at The Originals Book One: The Rise


Exclusive Look at The Originals Book One: The Rise.

We’ve all been on pins and needles waiting for the arrival of The Originals book trilogy. Alloy Entertainment is giving us a first look exclusive of the first six chapters of The Originals Book 1: The Rise. Set to arrive at book stores in February 2015.

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The Originals Book Series First Look...[photos]The first harrowing installment explores how the vampire siblings escaped their dangerous past and settled in New Orleans in 1722. But just when they think they’ve settled in paradise, things go horribly wrong. Klaus falls for a woman who’s off limits, Rebekah infiltrates a camp of human soldiers in search of allies, and Elijah continues to search for a place to call home. All in all, they set into motion a chain of events that could bring their new life crashing down around them.

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Vivianne Lescheres was not afraid of the dark. Instead, the
night felt like a warm cloak around her shoulders. The
nearly-full moon bathed the bayou in black and gray, hiding
and shifting its truths, but Vivianne’s feet were sure and
her heartbeat steady, even for a girl of ten. In the night shewas free.
Vivianne, born of both a witch and a werewolf, had both
clans as her protectors, her family. No danger could come to
her, even from New Orleans’ roughest residents. Yet as she
got closer to the open water, all she could smell was death.The night couldn’t keep secrets from her, and she watched
as the ghost ship crept along the edge of the swamp. She
set one boot down in front of the other, wading closer to
the open water of the Mississippi River.
The ship looked small but sturdy enough for an ocean
crossing, if not big enough to journey in any comfort.
But even Vivianne’s sharp eyes couldn’t spot a single soulon board. It just slid through the water, timbers creaking
slightly with the gentle roll of the midnight current.
She reached the edge of the bayou and heard a shout
go up from one of the watchmen. They’d finally seen the
ghostly vessel. Slipping behind a stand of cattails, Vivianne
felt a powerful impulse to set the ship on fire and let the water sweep it back down to the ocean.
Whatever it was and whatever it carried, she didn’t want it in her town.

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