Fans Got A Quick Q&A With Joseph Via Twitter!!


Fans today were in for a treat when Joseph Morgan star of “The Originals” offered a quick Q&A on Twitter. The star was waiting for a storm to past while filming “Dermaphoria.” So he took to his page and tweeted that he would answer some quick questions. Here are all the ones Joseph had time to answer below.

  • Favorite Song of the Moment? “Bad As Me” by Tom Waits.
  • Do You Like Giraffes?  I prefer tigers.
  • Support a football team? Not a big sports fan.
  • Nearly at 1 million followers, what do you think about that? Can’t really wrap my head around it. 
  • How is filming going? Really well but very intense. In almost every scene of this movie. 
  • Will you visit India? Yes! It is near the top of my list for places I want to go. 
  • Do you like Tim Burton movies? Would you work with him? I do and I would. Absolutely.
  • Are you safe in your trailer? They tell me it’s grounded by it’s rubber tires.

Thank you Joseph for the time you took to answer those questions. We know you are very busy.  Stay safe.



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