History Lesson With The Originals [photos]


Entertainment Tonight got their little hands on photos from the up coming Episode. This ‘Originals episode “The River in Reverse,”will air November 26, 2013. History class is now in session as a Flash back to 1820 pops up again. The show just can’t get any sweeter.

So in preparation for our next trip down memory lane, we have an exclusive first at an upcoming flashback inA river in reverse 1 the Nov. 26th episode. Traveling back in time nearly 200 years, the episode will find Klaus and Elijah in 1820, where Klaus is in a dual with another fellow. From the looks of the photos, either that other fellow is Elijah, or the brothers are merely practicing their shooting skills (which is hilarious/unfair considering a bullet will not kill them).
A quick refresher: The last time we saw New Orleans in 1820, Klaus was enjoying a lavish party thrown by the A river in reverse 2governor, and Rebekah was in love with the governor’s son … right up until Klaus killed him. Days later, Klaus discovered and took in a young Marcel, and the rest is a very complicated, very long story. On a positive note, it appears 1820′s Elijah got a hair cut since the last time we saw him.

source: ET


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