Hottest TV Couples of 2013: The Originals’ Klaus Tops The List But With Who?


It’s the end of the year and Hollywood life gave us a list of 30 for this years hottest tv couples. That list has been narrow down to its top 5. The CW dominates this list.

We asked & you voted: Here are your top five TV couples of 2013! Care to narrow it down even more?
2013 was a huge year for TV couples, and if there was any doubt in your mind that The CW was responsible for most of the year’s shipping, just look at the five finalists in best-of poll! Of course, ABC also has a horse in this race — so to speak — making it anyone’s game!

source: Hollywoodlife

It’s no surprise that the top two are from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. For TVD: Damon and Elena. For The Originals and TVD, Klaus and Caroline.


What amazes me about Klaus and Caroline is they are not even on the same show. At one point yes, but the fans have not seen these two share a scene in a while. Their chemistry is amazing and that’s why we love them together. Hoping for a small reunion in TVD’s upcoming 100th episode but who knows. One thing is for sure, it seems this couple is going to top every list for a while, even with them not being on the same show.

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