It’s A Wrap!! Joseph Morgan’s ‘Dermaphoria’ Photo Sneak Peek.


We all know Joseph Morgan has been hard at work. He has finished his time on the movie set of “Dermaphoria.” A movie based on the outstanding novel by Craig Clevenger. Joseph shot the movie in 19 days, next stop for our beloved hybrid is Comic-Con. After that back to Atlanta for “The Originals.” Joseph has been very busy, but we are so proud of him.  Here is a Photo sneak peek at the film.

Joseph Morgan,  Morgan & Nicole Badaan, A stunning picture painted by Persia White, Major Dodson( younger Eric Ashworth) & Morgan
These pictures are from the actors themselves around the set or artwork they did while filming.
Anwan Glover/ Nicole Badaan (Desiree)
Joseph Morgan and Kate Walsh
Joseph Morgan BTS and Filming
Set design
Set design places filmed
Joseph Morgan as Eric Ashworth
Fans that got photos on set
The novel

Can’t wait to see this film. The book is stunning, so seeing it on film will be a treat.

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