Jeremy Gilbert is a big part of The Vampire Diaries will we see him again?

When little Gilbert (Steven McQueen) left The Vampire Diaries’ fans hearts broke. Leaving shortly before Micheal Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) just left us shocked. But good thing Julie Plec always gives us hope. In Flash forwards on the show we’ve seen Tyler, but is there a chance to see Jeremy Gilbert too?

Question: We’ve seen Tyler in the future on The Vampire Diaries, but nothing from Jeremy yet. Any idea where he’ll end up in three years? – Ashley
I can tell you this much about Jeremy’s present, Ashley: He’s a little busy putting out fires in Chicago with the late, great Uncle Mason. As far as his future is concerned, TVD executive producer Caroline Dries says the writers have “talked about it here and there, but nothing is firm. Sometimes, we say, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if blah blah blah,’ but none of the stories are driving towards anything yet.” So the producers aren’t quite ready to steal him away from Chicago Fire, even though Dries assures us that “Jeremy comes up all the time” in the writers room

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