Joseph Morgan Encourages Fans to Get Creative.


Joseph Morgan of The Originals has been a long time fan of the arts. Joseph paints himself along with writing, directing and of course acting, to name a few.  So Joseph tweeted some fan art for The Originals today. Then asked his fans to get creative. Also expressing his love for fan art or what we like to call it Fan(g) art.  He even revealed what he’s looking for. I’m sure you could paint, do graphics, edits, or even draw it and Joseph would be proud.

Here is one of Joseph’s paintings he tweeted a few years back. 

Credit: Joseph Morgan’s Twitter

Here is the fan-art he tweeted today.

Credit: Joseph Morgan’s Twitter

So since Joseph is on the look out, we are too. If you send Joseph some fan(g) art and he retweets you. We will display the picks here on the website.  So if you would like to include us in the tweet, feel free @theoriginalsaaf. We do a fan-made video of the week here too. So I understand where Joseph is coming from. This fandom has some real talent and it’s good to get recognized for it. So calling all creative minds to gear up. I’ve seen your work. So I know this fandom can come up with some really great stuff to showcase The Originals.  Look forward to seeing some. Good Luck!



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