Joseph Morgan EyeCon Audio Panel, Pics & Video Clips.

Joseph Morgan EyeCon Audio Panel & Video Clips.The EyeCon Convention for The Vampire Diaries went out with a bang. Many may not know, but this is the last Vampire Diaries and The Originals convention sponsored by EyeCon. They did announce plans to do possibly a reunion convention further down the line for both shows. Joseph Morgan drew in half of this year’s participants for the weekend events. Noting that The Originals’ star has not done a convention in a couple of years. Joseph only attended Sunday and gave an impressive Q&A, and treated fans to autographs and photos. At the end of the panel, Joseph introduced his new tee-shirt that is available to buy now at The proceeds will go to Charity Water, which helps build wells in underdeveloped communities around the world. Bringing fresh, healthy water to millions that need it. Below you will find the full audio of the panel along with a couple of clips and pictures taking at the event. Enjoy, it was a great panel and very lighthearted.

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