Joseph Morgan Gives a Warning and Message to His Followers on Twitter.


We all  love this cast and it’s creators for giving us the great characters that grace our screen each week. The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are both great shows, but we know a lot of stuff happens that we as fans don’t agree with. This past week executive producer Julie Plec has taken a lot of hits on Twitter. Along with people connected to the actors in their personal lives.  For both shows…some are upset with Damon and Elena’s relationship. Others about Caroline shredding the pic Klaus gave her. On The Originals…many are still upset with the baby plot and hint’s that Cami may be Klaus’ new love interest. No matter what happens on both shows, there is a line of respect that needs to be followed. Please think before you send a tweet to any of the cast or writers for both shows. If you would like to get your point across. Send a polite message, not hate or threats. This fandom has it’s up and downs. No one is at fault except the individuals themselves. We know it is not the whole fandom or a certain part. But do have the respect for the writers and cast that you would ask for yourself. Joseph Morgan took to his tweeter last night to express his thoughts on the recent events.

He also followed up with the response he got from his previous tweet.

Please center your energy  into something positive. If you are that unhappy with the show or have issues, Do a petition or with all the fansites we have. See if one of the bloggers will do an article. Team TSD has a great giveaway going on to help. Check it out you can win a free TVD t-shirt.

We here at The Originals A&F, will use Joseph’s hashtag for our message. #TweetPositive. These great actors and writers work really hard. So we have to remember that and they have feelings too.

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