Novelist Craig Clevenger’s Dermaphoria is released under new title Desiree.

Based on the gritty cult novel Dermaphoria, “DESIREE” is a mysterious police thriller set in New Orleans about illegal drugs, lost love and one man’s true desire.


Eric (Joseph Morgan, “The Vampire Diaries”) survived an almost lethal overdose of his own chemical compound. He wakes up in police custody, badly burnt and implicated as both the chemist of a new popular recreational drug that is sweeping through New Orleans, and the arsonist responsible for blowing up the drug’s makeshift factory. Suffering from major memory loss his only clear recollection is that his girlfriend’s name is Desiree.

After being interrogated by Detective Anslinger (Ron Perlman, “Hellboy”), Eric is unexpectedly released on bail and told by his shady lawyer Morell (Kate Walsh, “Gray’s Anatomy”) he has five days to recall what happened at the factory that day.
Eric books himself into a rundown hotel and then sets out to find Desiree. Slowly, parts of his memory return. He remembers first meeting her in the French Quarter and he heads back in that direction. Ultimately Eric’s odyssey through New Orleans, searching for Desiree, leads him back to the scene of the crime and the burnt out house that is known as Oz. Now, Eric’s mind becomes clearer and he must confront his past head on.
Sharp, insightful, clever and beautifully shot, “Desiree” is a heartbreaking journey of a man looking for his lost love, while being chased by organized crime and being watched over by the police. Eric must deal with his own reality dealt from a past life that at best is a warm distant memory and at worst a horrible nightmare from which there seems no escape.

The Film is still showing at a couple of film festivals and has no DVD/Blu-Ray released date yet but for those who can’t wait. Visit the official website Desiree The Movie for more details. Also, the film has a Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Below showcases some of the photos showcased on the site and includes a trailer for the film.

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