The Klaroline Takeover Continues : Big Win in PCA’s Poll, Worldwide Media Attention, and The Klaroline Buttons Project.


This past weekend The Originals Klaus and The Vampire Diaries Caroline, won most romantic TV couple of all time. The Peoples Choice Award is a pretty big thing, not only does it tell you want your fans want but also who they love. The Klaroline fandom has made some pretty awesome moves since TVD’s 100th episode. After executive producer Julie Plec announced that Klaus and Caroline were done “for now.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 7.47.19 PMIn an overwhelming landslide victory, the People’s Choice faithful have loudly and proudly chosen the television twosome they feel best deserve the moniker “Most Romantic Television Couple of All-Time.” And the winner is…

Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries!

Romantic television luminaries like Veronica and Logan, Ross and Rachel and, of course, the iconic Cliff and Clair Huxtable were all left in the wake of Klaus and Caroline’s award winning passion. While those couples proved to be worthy adversaries, they were simply no match for The Vampire Diaries duo. What makes this win even more impressive? The characters aren’t even on the same show anymore (Klaus is on The Originals, while Caroline is still on The Vampire Diaries. Luckily for fans though, they’ve still managed to have a dalliance or two thanks to special crossover episodes.)

In lieu of an acceptance speech, we present a classic Klaus and Caroline quote from The Vampire Diaries:

““He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes…”“

The fandom took note and kicked into high gear. Within a few days The Save Klaroline Campaign took over the internet with petitions, videos, emails and buttons. I’ll explain that a little later. The petition is close to 20,000  signatures and growing. 

There is a blog dedicated to the campaign where you can get more information. —>>HERE!!

You can sign the petition too.——–>>HERE!!

This fandom is organized and communicates well. They have had  world-wide trends just about everyday for Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan on Twitter.  Showing their support for Klaroline and the actors no matter what. Now on to buttons. We all remember the forest sex rump. The part where Klaus rips Caroline’s top, buttons fly everywhere. So the fandom came up with the buttons project. Where you will mail a certain number of buttons to The CW network.


Info on The Klaroline Buttons Project—–>HERE!!

The support for this couple is astounding. This fandom has videos, edits and fan fiction all dedicated to Klaus and Caroline.  Their work is so professional and well  thought out, that some media outlets published their work. Hollywood Life announced The Originals renewal for season 2. The picture used was fan-art that has been mistaken for the real deal before.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.57.39 PM

The fandom is getting worldwide attention. A french media outlet posted an article on the petition last week.


The Klaroline fandom is loyal and will not give up hope for their pair. That is pretty amazing to me. I love to see all the positivity  given from this crew. It really is a family unit, who is hoping that one day Klaus and Caroline will be on the same show. Many see it as useless or annoying but I see a couple who has captivated fans. The writers and actors should feel pride knowing they’ve touched so many. I know Julie Plec has stated that Klaus and Caroline are not “realistic” now. But let’s face it, this is a supernatural show where mythology has been changed, along with new loopholes. I’m sure the writers could find an interesting way to bring Klaus’ lady love down to New Orleans. Not unless they do have plans to give Klaus and Camille a shot on the show. Which could be a possibility but one thing is for sure. They will not sway the hearts of the true Klaus and Caroline fans. Only fighting for this couple to have a chance.  Now, there is an even greater chance that could happen with season 2 set for The Originals. So my question for The CW network and Julie Plec…When is Caroline coming to New Orleans? Take a chance Julie and co, you might just hit a goldmine with Caroline and her last love Klaus.

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