Klaroline….Why We Fell In Love With Them.


With Comic-Con coming up, we will have a fan favorite panel. This will include our beloved Klaroline. I am included in that fandom. So thinking back on why I love Klaus and Caroline together, this is what I came up with.

  • Both had issues in the past with people accepting who they are. Klaus with his family and Caroline with her family and friends. Remember Bonnie was not nice to Caroline when she first turned.
  • Both have insecurities that lay in never being good enough for the person they love/like. Klaus with Tatia. Caroline with Stefan and Matt. Not being first choice has stayed with both.
  • Both like who they are now. When Klaus confronted Caroline about taking the cure, he pretty much put that in prospective.
Many then ask if they do end up together. How would that work.
  • Caroline is stubborn and straightforward, that is one of the reason’s Klaus started liking her. She read him like a book in 3×14. The ball episode of TVD. She was honest and did not care how he would react. She was one of first to actually do this, after he stayed in Mystic Falls.
  • She will stand by him, Tyler has left Caroline numerous times. Each time she has stayed true. She has always fought for him. She is very loyal.
  • Klaus would be the rock Caroline needs. People leave her, she is often left to handling personal issues alone.  Klaus would not do that. He would stay with her. This is one of the reasons I feel she is the strongest female character.
I feel if they did make Klaroline endgame. I could see that along with the child being Klaus’ redemption. He needs a sense of family but also knowing someone loves him. Not because they have too, or it’s right. But because they want to. Some worry about Klaus going soft because of love, but I think Caroline would not fully change that. If anything It would be stronger because he would more to fight other than his self. I have added a video that sums up all of the Klaroline moments we  love best. I know it others but this one lead up to the last time they are together.
I could seat and go over this for hours, like many of you. These are just a couple of points on why we love this ship. And why it is no surprise they are on the Comic-Con Fan Favorite Panel.  Tell us what you think about Klaus and Caroline.
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