The Originals have a weird view on love, evidence Klaus’s love life.

The Originals and The Vampire Diaries sell us epic romances with each ship, but what is it saying about love in general? Upcoming episodes on The Originals have Aurora as Klaus’s first love, but most fans do not agree with that. Michael Narducci took to Twitter to answer this question and here’s the reply:

“Your first love is not the first person you loved. Your first love is the first person you loved who loved you back”

~ Michael Narducci 

Is this another plot hole or do the writers think love is only mutual!? Cause according to canon on TVD Klaus was in love with Tatia, and she was torn between both him and Elijah. So if she was torn between two brothers, that means she had feelings for both. Plus, I think love does not have to be mutual. You can love someone, without them ever expressing how they feel about you. Most relationships start with some attraction, so thinking or falling in love with someone before it is mutual can happen. If it is not mutual, that person is stuck with rejection and pain. In the story involving The Mikaelson brothers, that is what happened. So here is my breakdown of Klaus’s love life according to canon on both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus and Tatia

Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?

Rebekah, Esther, and Elijah have told the story of the first doppelganger. Mythology has changed, but one thing remains the same in these retellings. Both Klaus and Elijah fell in love with Tatia. Esther and Rebekah were both concern on the effects it could have on the brothers’ relationship with each other. I think Tatia is Klaus’s first love, sure he might not have gotten the girl but his feelings were strong enough to set up his future on love and how it can affect people. Later explaining his famous line “Love is a Vampire’s greatest weakness.” So sorry Klarora shippers. For me, Tatia will always be Klaus’s first love and first heartbreak.

Klaus and Aurora

Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?

Judging from the previews these two had a hot and steaming relationship and the feelings seem to start as mutual. Aurora is the first relationship we see Klaus in since he has turned.  Which would explain the hot and steaming from his part, if Klaus loves her there is no doubt in my mind that it was intensified by his turning. Aurora, we know at the time was human and that she was in love with Klaus too. Plus these feelings transferred over after she turned. So yes…..they loved each and I am looking forward from seeing more from these two.

Klaus and Caroline

Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?

Many speculate if Klaus loved Caroline. Okay, this guy has done some pretty f**d up stuff, but only cares for you. Oh…and he showed kindness and forgiveness all for you. Once you confronted this guy by saying “I know you are in love with me” and said guy never denies it, only ask if you could forgive him. Mm…yeah he loves you. Come on ladies, guys are the frist to deny love from time to time, so telling him and not getting a response back but more of a “she knows” look. He loves you…but the big reveal is Klaus saying “He was your first love, but I intend to be your last love, no matter how long it takes” Sorry folks but Klaus was falling in love Caroline, and she cared for him. I do not think he was in love completely, but he was well on his way. Caroline soon confessed her feelings; people doubt that also,  but if you pay attention to what she says. Shooting him down was a defense, because deep down inside, she had feelings for this guy but felt guilty. In the moment of the infamous Klaroline hookup. Our girl took what she wanted and, if that is not mutual, then I do not know what your definition is. Unfortunately, the writers split up these two with no follow up..Which is one of the many reasons. Klaroline will always be on everyone’s mind.

Klaus and Hayley

Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?

Klaus and Hayley have always had a love/hate relationship. Now on the show it is more of a hate/mutual understanding since they have to co-parent Hope. Klaus and Hayley had a one-night stand, but fans still love these two together. Many think they are destined, but the only canon for these two now is a passionate one-night stand with nothing after. Hayley is now in love with Jackson and Elijah. Neither has shown any signs of love, but there’s no doubt they have to care somewhat for each other to coexist. Maybe later on the show we will see these two express more. Klayley fans seem to think so, but just like Klaroline this ship too has been put on hold. Moreover, quickly to make way for Haylijah and Klamille on The Originals.

Klaus and Camille

Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?

According to the writers Klaus has expressed his feelings for Camille and she has expressed her undying devotion to our original hybrid. So why haven’t these two gotten together yet? Most Klamille fans are asking that question at this very moment. My take is Camille and Caroline are different, but the feelings and reaction from Klaus are the same, and the other ships seemed to have their own. The writers are hinting at us seeing more of these two, but Klaus and Cami have taken a big hit with most of the viewers. Some adore them, and others do not think Cami is a right fit for Klaus. Honestly, I prefer Klaus with a supernatural instead of a human. However, there is more story to tell and who knows Cami could be the next vampire we see on The Originals.

My Tally

Loves: Tatia, Aurora, Caroline……

Love/Hate: Hayley

Complicated Love: Camille

All have a unique connection with our hybrid. He has loved, cared and adored all of these women. With Hayley and Cami, we cannot say where it will end because their stories are playing out in the show now. However, he does care for Camille; there is no doubt about that. Klaus and Hayley will forever be tied together because of the child they share.

Just a reminder that life is full of possibilities and just because you love one does not mean you could never love another. That is the beauty of love and of being human, which is why we are obsessed with supernaturals falling in love. I do not know which lady Klaus will end up with, my pick, of course, is Caroline. However, I understand the allure of the other relationships and think given the decent storyline they could be just as epic. For the writers of both shows. I think it is okay to have different loves, especially with vampires who undoubtedly could fall in love over and over throughout eternity. So acknowledging the past, in no way outshines the present but it does give dimension to our most beloved characters, The Originals.

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Klaus's Crazy Love Life, What Are The Originals' Saying About Love?


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  • DS

    IMO his feelings for Tatia and Caroline are portrayed as infatuation, not love. The only time I saw Klaus with someone and thought that it was love that came from something real and deeper than conquering and satisfying his ego was with Camille. I’m not talking about Aurora cause I’d rather not speculate since we haven’t really seen anything more than a make-out. As for Hayley I think that it’s more a care-hate than love-hate thing. I don’t think they love eachother at this point in a romantic or even in a friendly way. The article’s pretty nice though.

  • Mari

    Klamille is boring and probably the reason that this pairing never became a “hit, inspite of being pushed by the writers.

    Caroline is my pick as well. Just something about the amazing chemistry between the actors and the meshing of these two very unlikely characters that make people take notice.

  • cecejk

    Obviously, he is in love with Cami, at this time. 1000 years ago he loved Tatia, she chose Elijah, then Aurora, who cruelly rejected him, even if it was not of her own accord, his pain was still just as real. He mived on.