‘The Originals’ Least Likely…



Attention Original Groupies, we have a crisis. THR recently posted a poll on shows most likely to get cancelled. ‘The Originals’ were on the list. What do I think? Crazy! This show has already gained a huge fan base and it’s only been one episode.  Sure a lot of us are coming over from ‘The Vampire Diaries.’  But there are a lot of people that don’t watch that show and want to watch this one. I know there has been a lot of opinions about the show and what will or will not work.


The top issue I am finding with the show is the baby plot. I know what y’all are saying but it’s the truth and it scares me. All I hear on tumblr is suck it up the baby is here to stay.  I love Julie Plec, I think what she and the other writers have done with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is great. I do understand this view. We already have Twilight and that seems to be the main comparison. If you look at the Underworld franchise they  did one too and it was not as popular as the others. So maybe the supernatural lovers are tired of the baby plot. Maybe they want to go back to badass vampires and werewolves. I would vote for that too.



Where I think the writers are coming from, you have Klaus (Joseph Morgan) who is a ruthless killer. Does it with no shame.  He came onto to the TVD and stole every scene he was in. He didn’t win TV Guides’s Best Villain for nothing. Maybe that is why they want to do the baby. Giving this character something that is hard to forget or take lightly. Julie Plec talks a lot about Klaus’s redemption. Could a baby make that happen? I could see that. Family is the main theme for this show, so giving Klaus a chance to be a better father could get him to that point. Some say it could ruin the character and that’s true, but if done correctly it could be awesome. I have faith that Joseph can pull off anything those writers give him.



Next issue that has gone viral since Comic-con is Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley). This character is one of the most hated I’ve seen in awhile. But I think people get caught up with what everyone tweets about and not really look at what the critics are saying. That goes for Julie Plec too.  I posted one review from preview night during Comic-Con. Click here for full story. What I am hearing and seeing in articles is people are having an issue with how the character comes across on screen. I loved Phoebe in ‘The Secret Circle’ where she played Faye but I have to agree. The Hayley character has no presence and thats not her fault. We had very little to go on during her appearance in TVD, so no back story after seeing her a couple of times is bad. Which falls on the writers, I mean look at you have Professor Shane that appeared around the same time and we knew more about him than we did Hayley. Hell, we knew more about the hunters then her. So it’s logical to feel that way especially with her having such a big role in the show now.


My conclusion is support this show if you love it. The CW is putting a lot of effort behind them, so I think we’re in clear, but you never know. What I’m hoping is after the show starts if the ratings are not up, they will do a revise. I would hate to not see all of this talent on screen. I think the show’s fan base will grow. You always have characters you like or don’t but that makes the show. So I’m hoping people do not read these articles and give up. The fans asked for this and we don’t plan on letting them down. If you would like to read the article in question click here. Then scroll down to the comments because thats where you get the real view.  I’m I scared a little, will it stop me from supported a great cast. No.

Tell me what you think about the show and if you think we will see a full season?



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