The Originals Daniel Gillies: Why He Doesn’t Discuss Ships on Either Show


The Originals star recently talked to SciFi Now about what to expect this season. As the questions heated up Daniel gave his own opinion about ships on both shows.

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What about romance? Will we see much romance in The Originals?

That’s a question for Julie Plec. I can’t say for myself. I know that Elijah said goodbye to Katherine, and I know that the fans adored Caroline and Klaus together. Perhaps I’m a little bit more brutal and cynical, but I feel that these relationships are made to be broken. However, from the amount of venom that I’ve received online for being even momentarily dismissive about the Caroline relationship, I’ve learned that talking about this stuff doesn’t win over fans.





Well, Daniel I must say every shipper does not attack or threaten. I have my top ships on each show and will not stop watching them if neither happens. This has been a bad scenario  for both shows for some while. Unfortunately  I feel Klaroliners have taken the brunt of the blame. On a brighter note you can look at the passion of each fan and see how all the characters have become a part of their lives. But I agree with Daniel having the stars answer questions about ships is not a good thing. I feel like the press has a lot to do with the ongoing agony and for that I apologize to the cast. But Gillies also spoke on what he could hope for as far as relationships go on The Originals..

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When it comes to romantic relationships in the new show, what would you like to see happen?

Personally, I think they are going to have to create four new relationships for these characters. It’s a whole new world, so who knows whether or not the Caroline and Klaus relationship will continue? Or even the Katherine and Elijah relationship. Truthfully, I’m just excited to see who they bring into the show. There will definitely be romantic moments. You can’t have a Julie Plec show and not have couples within it. She adores that stuff. She’ll never exclude it from her writing.



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Which of the women of The Originals will be attracted to Elijah?

That’s a really interesting question. Perhaps Sophie Deveraux [played by Daniella Pineda]? Or Leah Pipes’ character, Camille? I don’t know. It’s hard to say at this point. That’s for Julie to master and design. It’s difficult for me to say because I’m a married guy, so I don’t ever think, ‘Oh, I’d like to see my character get with this person or that person.’ I don’t look at it objectively. They will definitely hook Elijah up with somebody at some point, that’s for damn sure. There’s talk of him getting with Phoebe’s character [Hayley] as well, but who knows what will happen? We’ll just have to wait and see.



I see chemistry between both Hayley and Sophie on the show. So it will be interesting to see how that dynamic works out between the characters. Once Elijah emerges from the attic. One things for sure after last weeks episode, I can’t wait to find out.

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The Originals airs on Tuesdays 8pm on The CW

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