The Originals: Daniel Gillies on Elijah’s Devotion To Klaus and Girls


In a recent interview The Originals Daniel Gillies talks about Elijah’s weaknesses, he answered devotion to Klaus and girls. I think just in that one sentence Daniel summed up Elijah very well. He does go into some of Elijah’s demons. When asked would Elijah ever forgive Klaus. Gillies pointed out that if Elijah could ever forgive himself first. I agree both brothers are equally dark for me. Klaus with his insecurities  and anger. Elijah with his regret and shame. So will these two brother’s ever see eye to eye? Gillies seems to think they won’t a least until they heal. And we all know Elijah thinks the magical miracle baby is his answer, but I wonder if that is beginning to change. With Elijah’s new-found attraction to Hayley. What do you think?

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