The Originals –Episode 2×10–Promotional Photos Has Everyone Talking. What’s The Buzz?

The Originals come back off the winter hiatus with a lot of unfinished business. Rebekah is in a new body but needs some help. Kol and Davina look to be in a tense situation. The vampires and werewolves are trap at the compound. While Elijah and Hayley have some tense moments on the horizon. The photo that has the fandom buzzing is Hayley, Cami and Hope.

originals-210-6Fans that love Klaus and Camille will see this as a step forward. She has proven herself as a friend to The Mikaelsons and Klaus feels comfortable with her knowing the truth. After all Cami did feel responsible for Hope’s death at the end of season 1. So maybe this is Klaus’s way of easing some of her worries. I get it but what I don’t get is, why is Cami meeting Hope this early in the game? Looking back on the first half of season 2. The main concern was to keep Hope’s existence a secret and we all know why. Klaus and his family have a lot of enemies. They will look for any weakness and jump on it.  Not only that…half of Klaus’s enemies are within his family.

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When we meet Ansel, Klaus’s father in episode 2×07. He tries to let Klaus know that he can trust him and tumblr_nfatgq2Xcp1rlvdl7o6_250that he knows about Hope. In return Klaus kills Ansel to protect Hope. See where I’m going with this. I understand Klaus has known Cami a lot longer but he could at least let his biological father prove his worth. Having a supernatural on your side could help with Aunt Dahlia on the horizon. Plus Ansel was connected to Esther but I think he would have genuinely helped his son in the end. It seems I’m not the only one thinking the same thing. As most of the fandom has been asking that very question on twitter. If Cami is no longer on her vervain cocktail, Klaus can compel her like he did with Marcel. But if he thinks Marcel and his father knowing the truth will keep Hope out of danger. Why does he not see that with Cami knowing. We all see where the writers are going with this Klamille ship, so Klaus is going to want to keep her safe. We also know Klaus would have to confess his deception but really so soon....? Finn being on the loose is not a good thing. Finn knowing his brother so well and not seeing Cami around the quarter will suspect she is somewhere safe and be prompted to find her. Everyone knowing that she is Klaus’s weakness as it stands now within the show. But we don’t know the full story from just a couple of stills. I just hope for The Mikaelson’s sake they can find Rebekah soon. It looks as if the safe house may not be so safe anymore.

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The Originals return January 19th at 8/7c (The CW)
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