The Originals Fan Poll: See Who Won!


We asked and you responded to The Originals fan poll. It seems a lot of us have the same ideas as some of the show’s critics. And the winners are…..

Favorite Performance So Far



We can’t say enough about this man. Joseph Morgan had an amazing year. We can’t wait to see whats in store for this one. Klaus is still everyone’s favorite hybrid and Joseph helped with his astounding acting skills in The Originals. For me he is the main reason I watch the show. Daniel Gillies came in second.

Do you still like the baby plot?



This was a very close with one vote as the deciding factor. Yes, you all still love the baby plot but maybe came in for a close second.  So it seems with half of the season under our belts, everyone is still on the fence about Klaus and Hayley’s bundle of joy. Me too….here’s hoping that this story line will wrap up very soon. We all know it’s only two ways this plot can go.

Favorite ‘Original’ ship….



If the writers don’t take a hint with all the polls these two won in 2013. Klaroline is your winner for favorite ship. We all know how powerful Klaus’ feelings are for Caroline. It looks as if fans can not forget these two and Caroline really needs to leave Mystic Falls anyway. Why not New Orleans.  Elijah and Hayley came in second.

Favorite Witch



Davina took this poll with no problems in sight. Looking forward to more in the next episode ‘The Casket Girls’ with her. Sophie came in second, she just kind of disappeared after her cat came out the bag. But I think theres more in store for this witch.

Character you wish was gone?

Tangled up in Blue


This is no surprise to me…Cami took first place in this poll. The writers still have not given her a powerful plot yet. Besides being the token human. Yeah she has amazing scenes with Klaus but that’s really all.  Hayley came in second. I expected these two to go neck and neck with this poll. Both characters seem to leave a so-so impression on the fans.

Favorite Episode So far…



Least Favorite Episode so far…

Always and Forever


Well it has been a great start for this show. Taking many by surprise with all the twist and turns. Overall grade for the show (A). With all the fans still wanting more from the Mikaelsons. Thank you for participating in this poll!

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