The Originals First Look: Episode 1×21 ‘The Battle of New Orleans’ [photos]


The Originals First Look: Episode 1×21 ‘The Battle of New Orleans’ [photos]

The CW official press release of the upcoming The Originals episode 1×21 ‘The Battle of New Orleans.’ From the description you can bet this episode will be action packed.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) enact a plan to collect the sacred stones needed by Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) in order to forever change the fates of Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and the werewolf community. Realizing that Klaus’ plan will lead to the extermination of all French Quarter vampires, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) rallies an army determined to take down the Mikaelsons and regain control of the city. Davina (Danielle Campbell) warns Josh (guest star Steven Krueger) to leave town as she is forced to make a fateful decision that will turn the tide of war. Meanwhile, Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) threatens Cami (Leah Pipes), who attempts to decipher a code that results in a surprising revelation among the city’s factions. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Charlie Charbonneau & Michael Narducci (#121).

Don’t miss “The Battle of New Orleans” airing May 6, starting at 8pm. Watch the promo here!!

From the first look at the images below it seems this battle will really heat up. Anytime you have Elijah who seems to be kicking ass and taking number in a suit. You know shit just got real. Klaus seems to back to his glorious self in the still. I hope there is not crying in this episode. Sorry guys I love sensitive Klaus but with Mikael wanting to come back and all hail looking to break loose. I need badass Klaus back for just a little bit. Dig in fangters to the images below.


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