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Last night as I waited for ‘The Originals’ many things ran through my head. Will I really like this episode? Will I start to like the baby plot? Will I swoon over Rebekah and Marcel’s past? Will I hate Klaus for ruining Rebekah’s happiness? Will I gag if they try to hook Klaus and Hayley up? Let’s just say this episode answered every single one of those questions and more. Let’s start…shall we.

Marcel The Tyrantoriginals-house-of-the-rising-sun-6

The Originals really have a battle with this one. Marcel is most certainly  part of the Mikaelson clan, but we will get to that later. The show opens with him throwing an all you eat buffet-style vampire party. As he explains to Klaus how they feed and heal the patrons, and how this is a gift to his night-walkers. As Klaus and Marcel look on at the vampire frenzy below. What really gets me about this scene is the ease at which Marcel explains to Klaus everything about his operations. Which leads me to believe he is not afraid of Klaus and does not really see him as a threat. Besides he has Davina who erasers Rebekah’s mind and flings her out the window. But now the originals know your card Marcel….better watch out!!

Welcome To The Family

TheOriginals-1x02_05Rebekah’s entrance was awesome on last nights show. She blows into town like a tidal wave taking out six vampires in her wake. We all know Rebekah has to get a little attention. Next we have her meeting Hayley for the first time, she gives her a cold welcoming but I knew that would change by the end of the hour. Hayley explains to her where Klaus has told her Elijah is. Rebekah does not believe it for a second and walks in the other room yelling for Klaus to show his face. As he enters the room, telling his sister about her choice words and volume.  They have a little conversation about Elijah’s where a bouts. Not really proving to get anywhere with her brother. Klaus informs her to look through the house all she wants. Rebekah does so by enlisted the help of Hayley. This is the turning point for me with between the two girls, as Rebekah explains to Hayley how Klaus treats his family and why she must find a way out. Giving her a warning that Klaus may to have plans for her after the baby is born. Leaving Hayley with a shocked look on her face.

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A Man’s True Weakness

THE ORIGINALSAs Klaus and Marcel spend their day in and out of the quarter drinking and bonding. Klaus notices Marcel’s infatuation with Cami and proceeds to push Marcel to ask her for a date. Leaving Marcel on the hook with maybe, our lovely girl knows bad boys when she sees them. Which later see explains to Klaus about his buddy. But our Hybrid always has a trick up his sleeve and gets Marcel the date with a little compulsion. Too bad for Marcel the date is cut short by the lovely Rebekah, once she finds out he has Elijah’s body. She threatens Cami and Marcel.  Later only reaffirming to Klaus that she is a weakness for him and they can use it.


Mama Wolf Gets Maternal

After Rebekah opens up about her brothers way of handling family members that disobey, Hayley turns to werewolf plan B. Rushing into town and buying some wolf-bane from a local witch. Later that night she sits by herself on a park bench trying to decide if it’s the right thing to do. Some vampires come up trying to cause trouble as Hayley stands and throws her hot tea at one of them. While Rebekah appears out of nowhere and kills the other two. Later as they have to explain to Klaus what happens Hayley grows a pair and tells him exactly what she was doing. “Buying poison to kill your little baby.” Well, shit hit the fan after that because Klaus grabs her neck and begins to choke her as Rebekah steps in to help. Explaining to her brother that it is okay to care or want something. We finally get to see Klaus come to grips with becoming a father. Later on Klaus and Hayley come to an understanding also. As he explains to her what he wants back from Marcel and she explains to him why she did not kill the baby. Klaus tells her they are a lot alike, sorry Klaroliners. That really just happened. He also tells her that it is time for them to fight.

Klaus As A FatherJoseph Morgan Wishes For More Sword Fights On The Originals

As promised we get more background on the originals. The one that stands out the most to viewers would be Marcel and Klaus meeting for the first time. Finding out that Marcel is the product of the mayors indiscretions with a slave. The scene opens with a ten-year old Marcel getting beat. Of course Klaus takes care of that and kills the man. He introduces himself to the boy, giving him the name Marcellus. Later we see Klaus giving him fencing lessons with Rebekah. The family seems to be getting along until little Marcellus is now big Marcel. Fencing with Rebekah you see the tension between them growing, Klaus can too. He has a talk with Marcel about family and that he will turn him only if he stays away from Rebekah. What I like about these flashbacks are the softness in Klaus we see, it felt good knowing he just did not start out the evil hybrid we know of today. Rebekah also lets Sophie in on Klaus’s first time as a father, letting her know your plan will fail. So the witches better watch out, Klaus may not do exactly what they want with Marcel. We all know he likes to handle family in his own way.


Ah Poor Rebekah

Earlier in the hour we see Klaus kill the mayor’s son who Rebekah fancies. Later we see him give Marcel a choice on between immortality or Rebekah. We know want he chooses of course. So Rebekah has two reasons why she hates New Orleans, Marcel and her brothers ability to kill every man she fancied in that town.  I really do hope Rebekah can find love, she has already found a friend at least in Hayley as they bond throughout the show but how long will that last. And will Rebekah be able to resist the charms of Marcel because she did say he was “the one.”  Only time will tell, we all know the heart never forgets….

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The show finishes with Rebekah confronting Klaus about Marcel secret weapon and that they have Elijah. She lets him know this witch is more powerful than an original. With Klaus and Rebekah decided to fight and find Elijah at all cost. Marcel ask Davina to figure out a way to kill an original. Uh oh I smell crossover…….the Mystic Falls crew can give you a lesson on that one.


Final Thoughts

Overall this was one hell of a ride, I really fell in love with this show after watching this episode. Things I loved  are Klaus and Rebekah’s relationship dynamic as always. Marcel and Klaus make a powerful pair on this show, can’t wait to see more of their history. I still have my reservations about Hayley. A lot of people are starting to warm up to her, which is Plecs plan all along. Sure she did not annoy the hell out of me in this episode but I don’t see that much of an arc for Hayley besides her having Klaus’s baby. Which leads me to believe there is something fishy about that. The only thing I do like about Hayley and Klaus in this episode is the fact that he comes to accept his situation and deal with it.Which is funny because that’s what I did last night too. Accept the fact that I still don’t like the baby plot but I can see why they went that way.  Then,Okay ..we are in this, now what the hell are we gonna do. I hate when Klaus is a loose cannon and now he knows he has to protect everyone connected to him. Which means diabolical Klaus is sure to follow…..


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