The Originals: Joseph Morgan on Klaus’ Need For Love


The Originals Joseph Morgan recently spoke about Klaus’ god complex and need for affection. If it’s one thing we know about Klaus, that statement is true…..

“I feel like if he could make [the Rebekah/Marcel relationship] serve him, then he’s maybe more in favor of it,” Joseph 202098-5b9e2-71777759-m750x740-u83b4fMorgan tells The Hollywood Reporter of Klaus’ mindset. “But at the moment it gets him nothing.”







We learned quite a bit about Klaus’ history with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), particularly how they first met. What aspects of their backstory most surprised you?

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.33.55 AMA few things. The way that they met maybe didn’t surprise me, just pleased me. I thought that was one of the most wonderful bits of flashbacks we’ve ever done, including The Vampire Diaries. Finding him as a young boy and then him living with us. I thought that was a really wonderful piece of story, the way I rescued him. I suppose the thing that surprised me the most was after that romantic connection between [Marcel] and Rebekah (Claire Holt) when I gave him the choice, he chose not to undagger [Rebekah] so he could become a vampire. That scene by the way, when Rebekah asked, “What day is it?” after I undagger her, and I say it’s been 50 years, Klaus is so devilish in that moment.

I really loved this flashback, it really moved me. Seeing how Klaus helps Marcel and then names him. I have to say it did make me second guess the baby plot, meaning Klaus already has a son but….

Marcel’s choice to become a vampire and not undagger Rebekah shined a light on who he was at that time …

It really humanized him well, I thought. The human Marcel was much less guarded, much more open than we’ve seen vampire Marcel I think.Tangled up in Blue

Why is Klaus so against the Marcel/Rebekah pairing and do you think he’llever come around?

First of all Klaus is incredibly possessive over his siblings’ love. And you’ll see in the future, if either of them spend too much time or affection on someone else, he doesn’t like it. He wants to be the center of their world and it really comes from the feeling of not enough affirmation or love as a child — especially from his parents, his father particularly. He really, really loves Rebekah and no one’s ever good enough for her. And for Marcel, that’s his friend and the person he brought in as a son. Now that they’re starting something special, Klaus feels left out. He’s really insecure about that.

I don’t think Klaus wants any of his siblings to find love and be happy at the moment because he is not. It goes back to me thinking that Klaus needs the love of a partner not only that of a child…to find redemption

It’s a lost cause then?

I don’t know. I feel like if he could make it serve him, then he’s maybe more in favor of it. But at the moment it gets him nothing — other than less attention from his sister and Marcel so he doesn’t like it.

Now, Rebekah and Klaus are teaming up against Marcel in their attempt to save Elijah (Daniel Gillies). How does that affect their bond?

M_MaCMH2OqblWe saw at the end of the second episode Klaus admitting he gave Elijah to Marcel and that that was a mistake. That was sort of an apology or as close to an apology that we’re going to get from him. In this moment where we left them last, they’re united and that’s a really lovely place for them to be in. That’s the unity of family right there. They both want to get their other brother back. I’m not sure how pleased Elijah’s going to be with Klaus when hedoes come back, but that’s another story.

Klaus said in the last episode that he always has a plan, so how does he go about getting his brother back?

In episode three you’re going to really see Klaus put a plan into effect. The whole episode we’re going to see the mechanics of that being put together. We’re also going to learn a bit more history about Marcel’s relationship with his Nightwalkers, a little information about his one of them in particular. We’re going to learn a bit more history about how he became a Nightwalker, how he teamed up with Marcel and what kind of loyalty their relationship has.

This is what I can’t wait to see, when Elijah returns and how he will react to all that has happen. Including the new information about Davina.

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