The Originals: Should Klaus Be With Anyone?


After this weeks The Originals episode, I started to really think about Klaus and his love life. Could he really be in a real relationship or is he doomed to be alone forever. My answer may shock you but I don’t think Klaus should be with anyone at the moment. He’s in a dark place and unsure about everything. Including the birth of his child, who he has not fully embraced yet. Could this man really be understood and loved?


Let’s start things off in New Orleans shall we. Starting out this season many saw the possible connection or spark between Klaus and Hayley. Which showed them having an understanding about the position they have both been put in, but nothing else. Hayley goes behind Klaus’ back and now has feelings for his brother Elijah. Giving the fact that he is not that easy to love. Hayley hates Klaus and the only reason they tolerate each other is because of the child they share.


Next we have Cami. This ship starts off with intrigue but soon leads to manipulation and mind control. Cami being a smart girl has realized this and fought against it. She still has great moments with Klaus but I don’t think it would be realistic for Klaus and Cami, unless she turns into a vampire.  He does seem to care for more than Hayley at this point, but I think that has to do with him knowing that nothing will happen to the later because of Elijah. If this moves at a slow pace and is built upon it could lead to something.


Klaus and Genevieve happened very quickly and this is for a reason. Klaus is using her to get what he wants for the mean time. But I do believe this will come back and bite him in the ass later. Genevieve seems to have real feelings for Klaus or at least his power. She saw Cami as a threat and something tells me she might see more of the women in his life as one. But one thing is for sure, Klaus wants to keep her close to help him with his plan.


I know a lot of people who watch The Originals don’t understand or like Caroline Forbes. But you can’t deny the effect she has on Klaus. When he went back to Mystic Falls and they had their famous hook-up that was the happiest I’ve seen our hybrid since returning to New Orleans. The writers tell us Klaus and Caroline’s story ends here. So my suggestions if that’s true, you have a lot of work ahead of you. The imprint Caroline Forbes left on this hybrid shows and that might be why he really has not fully moved on. Only time will tell with this one.

Klaus has a lot of work on himself to do before he can truly let someone into his heart. At this point the only thing that might be able to break this hybrid is the birth of his daughter. But soon enough that is not going to be enough for him. His lost his beloved sister and will need a strong, confident woman to be by his side. Maybe not now but definitely in the future.

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