The Originals: The Klaus Effect…Recap and Review of ‘Reigning The Pain in New Orleans’.


The Originals episode last night was pretty intense. Not with action but more emotion. Klaus told many truths last night along with Elijah and Rebekah. One thing is for sure every one is picking a side and building alliances. So this review is going to be a little different and explore Klaus’s cause and effect  and its impact on last nights mid-season finale.


The episode opens up with Klaus hosting a dinner party. Toasting to the new regime and announcing what they can expect from our hybrid. During his wonderful “We are mighty Vampires” speech, refreshments are offered. Diego is not buying this one bit and questions Klaus’s involvement with Hayley. He obliges and lets everyone know she is carrying his child and they need to watch her. Hayley is seething at the other end of the table. But her attitude soon changes when Klaus lets the vampires know about his hunting party. Giving orders to the vampires to seek out the werewolves and kill them all.

Marcel and Rebekah

During his little speech Marcel has a flashback of him and Rebekah discussing their next move. She pleads with him to put on a show and go along with her brother. If Klaus senses anything different it could be the death of him. Marcel informs Diego to go along also. After talking with Klaus and spending the day with him. Marcel seems to have a different plan as Klaus makes him an offer. When he tells Rebekah she realizes Marcel is choosing Klaus again over her. Leaving Marcel with a threat that is sure to cause trouble later in the season. Something Rebekah knows about in 1919….


Rebekah [to Hayley]: “Do we look like a bloody vampire rescue squad?”

Hayley and ‘The Vampire Rescue Squad”

Seems as though Hayley still has Rebekah and Elijah on her side. After the party Rebekah and Elijah show up trying to rescue Hayley. She has other plans as she informs both of Klaus’s idea to slaughter the werewolves. Elijah and Rebekah reluctantly  agree to help her. Hayley then decides she may need other’s on her side.  She later meets Davina and Josh, she gives our young witch insights and doubts about Marcel. Letting her know that Agnes the last elder of the coven died weeks ago. As Davina comes to grips with her deception by Marcel. Hayley lets her know what she wants from her. She wants Davina to break her people from their curse.

Elijah and Rebekah

At the beginning of the show Elijah and Rebekah have a talk about how they wronged Klaus. Later as promised they help the wolves by stopping the vampires. As the confrontation dies down, Eve appears. She has some interesting news for these too. Elijah and Rebekah learn about another set of wolves in the area. Later it is revealed that this pack has ties to Klaus’s true father. Both sibling seeing this as a good thing. Help hide the remaining wolves and look to inform Klaus of what they have found.

Father K and Council 

The humans step up their game in this finale, calling a meeting with Klaus. As Father K explains to Klaus how the council would want him to run his supernatural kingdom. Our hybrid gets a little annoyed , letting them know he will do as he pleases, not caring how they feel one bit. Later as him and Marcel grab a drink. The humans really let him know how they feel. Spraying the bar full of bullets and letting the sunlight in. As Klaus and Marcel are shot and other’s burn. We all know how this story ends. Klaus and Marcel take down the council only letting Father K live.

Klaus and Marcel

Marcel keeps up his little charade as he spends time with Klaus. But then Klaus decides to tell him all his truths or at least some of them. Marcel walks in on Klaus and Cami as she types his memoirs. Klaus quickly lets Marcel know that she knows about them but he compels her to forget. As Marcel then puts the pieces together about the dates him and Cami have been on. Later after their slaughter of the council members they have a heart to heart. Klaus reveals that he has done wrong and he was jealous of Marcel. He also lets him know the threat the witches had over him.  Marcel listens as Klaus explains that he wants to be a better father then Mikael. Offering Marcel to rule the kingdom with him.

Davina: “You’re Hayley, Klaus’s wife.”
Hayley: “Ew, no. Never. I’m the pregnant werewolf.”

Klaus and Hayley

I’ll keep this short and sweet. As I predicted Klaus may have plans for  ‘little wolf’.  So when she confronts him about his hunting party. She asks him what will happen to her after the baby?  The silence that spoke a thousand words. Letting Hayley know her fate is not too far from her people’s at the moment. She throws down the gauntlet letting Klaus know she will repay him for this. Also using the baby to her advantage because she knows he will not harm her until then. So this little wolf is about to cause some real trouble for Klaus.

Klaus: “When I order werewolves to be hunted to extinction, I expect you to stand to the side and let the blood flow.”
Elijah: “How delightfully democratic of you.”

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah

Close towards the end of the show, Klaus is waiting for Rebekah and Elijah. Confronting them on going against him and helping the wolves hide. Rebekah and Elijah explain themselves and what they found. Once Klaus realizes that there are other wolves tied to his father he does his typical ‘I don’t care…but really he does’ thing. As Elijah shows him the proof and offers up some advice for his brother. When it comes to the mother of his child. This leads to a little back and forth as Klaus leaves.

Klaus [to Elijah and Rebekah]: “I have had enough of family to last me a lifetime, why would I possibly want anymore?”

Klaus and Camille

Father K basically gives Klaus the okay to compel Cami to leave. As the hybrid enters her apartment she is listening to one of her  clues she leaves herself in order to fight compulsion. They have a heated moment where with all the emotions up in a roar she asks Klaus to show her. As she touches him and he resist, she sees his struggles and how he was treated. Cami sympathizes with him. Klaus is shocked because he expected a different reaction but despite Cami finally understanding him. He stills compels her to forget him and New Orleans.

What to look forward to in 2014

  • What Marcel did that Rebekah knows of in 1919…
  • Davina has run to Cami for help and “fixed’ her. So Cami is not leaving and knows everything
  • Hayley is building her own alliance along with steamy tension between her and Elijah
  • Elijah and Rebekah move in
  • Klaus now has ties to his real father
  • More of Father K….I love him at the moment.
  • Sophie and the coven make their return
  • Marcel may still make a move against Klaus
  • And of course more bodies, death, deception and chaos on The Originals 


Overall it’s another great episode for The Originals. I liked how all the loose ends from earlier episodes are tied up. I know they will unravel again but the writers did an awesome job. I did like how Elijah realized he needs to make the first step. I think the brother’s could patch things up but there is always ‘little wolf.’ I hope the writers give Rebekah more of a plot the next half, she is a kick-ass vampire and I want her to put love on the back burner for a bit. Father K is awesome. Most shocking to me this episode: Klaus and Camille. I like there interactions, he needs someone to confide in. I do think if they don’t plan to make this romantic they will soon be in the friend zone. But he needs a friend and judging from JM’s recent interview about KC….ladies Klaus is gonna need a little love. At least for now.  What did you think? What plot are you excited to see in 2014?

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