The Originals: Are Klaus and Hayley Really That Different?


Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) recently had an interview with TV fanatic. During the interview Tonkin (Hayley) gave us insight on her character. Saying how selfish Hayley is and how she has trust issue’s with people, giving her background as an orphan. I could not help but to think of her baby daddy Klaus (Morgan). Also Tonkin thinks Klaus is Hayley’s worst nightmare and the person her character should fear the most, after seeing how he treats his sister (Rebekah). How will this affect the baby, having two off-balance parents? Can’t wait to see how Julie Plec pulls this off. Sorry folks I love the show and it’s actors/characters but the more I learn about whats to come. Leads me to thinking if a baby should even be near these folks. I’m  scared for the baby.  What do you think?


Poll Closed. Results Klaus and Hayley are not that different. Thank you for voting.

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