The Originals: Klaus May Have to Worry About Tyler After All


As Forwood ended last night a new chapter in Tyler’s life has open. The hybrid came back to college and broke Caroline’s heart,Vampire-diaries-caroline-tyler-klaus-dance but his reason may shock you. How could we forget how many times Klaus has hurt Tyler, turning him in a hybrid, getting him to bite Caroline, bossing him around. Let’s not forget the big two our originals hybrid did, falling in love with Caroline and killing Tyler’s mom. Well, it’s good Tyler has not forgotten either.


He finally breaks down and tells Caroline he seeks vengeance on Klaus. Wanting to take something or someone from his life too. Now, we cut to the mysterious wolf that has watched Hayley since she arrived at The Mikaelson manor. I don’t think he is the wolf that made the prints, but I do think he is the first one to crossover to The Originals. I have a feeling Tyler has been keeping tabs on our hybrid and wants to find a way for him to suffer. Why not hurt his unborn child…It seems the originals have a lot of enemies stacking up against them. Is Tyler one…check out this clip of him explaining it to Caroline.

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