The Originals | Latest News Oct. 20-Oct.26.


The Originals | Latest News Oct. 20-Oct.26.

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Casting Update:

The Originals | Latest News Oct. 20-Oct.26

Debra Mooney will recur on The Originals‘ second season as Mary, a “tough, no-nonsense” werewolf who will do quite literally anything to ensure the safety of her pack.

Mary will first appear in Episode 11.

In addition to Everwood — on which she played Edna Harper from 2002 to 2006 — Mooney recently recurred on Scandal, playing Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton. Her lengthy TV resumé also includes recurring roles on Arrested Development, Boston Legal and The Practice.

Source: TVLine

What’s to come:

James: What coming up this season on The Originals?
An upcoming episode will see Hayley and Mary perform a ritual which is desribed as “the most important ritual a pack leader can undertake”. During the ritual if Hayley is judged as having lied, she will lose her right of leadership over the wolves. In the same episode, Hayley and Jackson plan to run away while Klaus is searching for them. source: Spoiler TV


I’m loving the family reunion on The Originals, but will we ever see Cami or Davina again? Davina & Cami TO— Beth
We, too, miss some of the (pun alert!) original cast. Fortunately, Charles Michael Davistells us that as Marcel becomes more present in episodes to come, so will those ladies. “Davina and Cami are growing a lot stronger,” he says. “But the relationship has changed because Marcel isn’t necessarily there to protect or control them.” Bonus scoop: Davis adds that Marcel and Hayley will finally begin working together. “Klaus calls Hayley the wolves’ queen and Marcel is declaring that he’s the king, so there’s a mutual respect there for the royalty,” he says. source: TV Guide


410AfterSchoolSpecialKol-_(18)A webseries about Kol was previously announced by Buzzfeed here.

As per Nate Buzolic Online:
It will explore the character, we will discover what are the relationships, and also the way he is today and was with Klaus, Elijah and his sister Rebekah.

It was written by Carina MacKenzie and directed by Matt Hastings. Words of Michael Narducci: “Nate is fundamentally awesome throughout it.” The web series will begin airing in about 4 weeks.

Source: Spoiler TV

OR201c_0381bLeah: Originals scoop!!!
We can tell by those three exclamation marks that you need some Marcel scoop ASAP. Lucky for you, Charles Michael Davis told us that Marcel’s goal to build a vampire community is going to be a huge part of season two. “Part of Marcel’s journey is his struggle to get back to where he was in the pilot,” he said. “That’s who he is as a character, he’s resourceful and it’s actually a bigger build up to an arc that we’re going to be reaching in later episodes. It’s just part of Marcel’s bigger story.” source: Eonline

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