The Originals: Who Would Make The Best King and Queen of New Orleans? [poll]


Joseph Morgan teased that episode 8, all cards are on the table. So that leads me to thinking about who would make the best power couple of the quarter. Cast your vote!!!


Klaus and Caroline

Yes, I know Caroline is not in New Orleans. The reason this couple makes the list is because Klaus did state his undying love for this sassy vampire at the end of TVD season 4.  Klaus and Caroline would make an awesome duo. Klaus with his powerful presence and Caroline with her sassy attitude. She could help Klaus in the likable factor because Caroline would make sure her kingdom would be the best it could be. With her charisma, everyone in the quarter  is sure to fall head over heels with this vampire. Added bonus, Caroline would throw the best parties in town. We’re sure of it.  They would never leave each other’s side. So it would be hard to pit this couple against each other. Loyalty being their greatest asset.

Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Klaus and Hayley

This is a wild card for me because I don’t see the chemistry that other people do in this couple. But I do think it would be interesting to see this pair rule. Both would need to work on their social game to get everyone in the quarter to like them. Fearing them would come naturally with Hayley being a werewolf and Klaus a hybrid. Plus the added bonus is the magical baby. Hayley is already royalty in her own right, so having an army of werewolves would come pretty easy. My question with this couple is would you rather be loved or feared?


Elijah and Hayley 

This couple represents ‘Kate and William” to me. Why because Elijah is so stately and everyone is sure to respect him. This couple would bring an understanding to the quarter. Elijah and Hayley would make sure every supernatural is safe.  Elijah would be a perfect king with his patience but don’t under-estimate this original. If war comes he would be sure to fight. Plus the chemistry between these two is so hot but sweet. They are my favorite couple at the moment on The Originals.



Marcel and Rebekah 

This is an easy one. For Marcel already runs the quarter at the moment. Rebekah by his side is an added bonus. This for me is the sassy ,sexy couple. The quarter is sure to be the hippest place with these two in charge. Marcel is looking for a queen, so he knows the importance of having a strong woman by his side. Rebekah fits the bill perfectly. Her strong attitude along with her great fashion sense would make them the best dressed King and Queen on my list.

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