The Originals: Why Marcel is The Wild Card Everyone Should Watch.


Charles Michael Davis [Marcel] talked to Zap2it about his role in the next chapter of The Originals. Discussing what he could about Klaus and Marcel’s relationship and power struggles.

[box style=’note’] “He’s patient right now. Things can definitely change but he knows not to freak out,” Charles Michael Davis tells Zap2it. “Losing the kingdom to Klaus was seemingly a failure, but definitely something to learn from. He’s still in the game.” Since “there’s no sort of timetable that applies like in the human world,” Marcel knows that “things change and times change and people’s interests change, so he’s going to stay pretty grounded and not make any rash decisions.”

Of course, just because Marcel is being patient doesn’t mean he’s not afraid of his co-ruler. “Trying to take him out and eliminate him shows fear and shows anxiety, but he’s also to be respected,” Davis says. “[Marcel] still comes from a place of principles. So even though he might fear [Klaus], he still respects him and he’s still willing to work around it and try to find an advantage against a seemingly unstoppable force.”

That could mean that it’s time for Marcel to get mean. We’ve only seen glimpses of Marcel’s ruthless side, but eventually Davis hopes his character will go nuts. “It just happens sparingly — that’s not a side that you’ve seen recently; you only get glimpses of it. I think that’s because he can stay so grounded and be intelligent about things,” he says. “But it’s a side I’m really excited to dive into — hopefully soon!”

Want to see Marcel, as Davis puts it, “go HAM”? He suggests perhaps a Twitter campaign. “Maybe after this interview we pass it along to [the executive producers] and start a movement!” [/box]

The Originals better keep a close eye on this one because Marcel is smart. I mean he grow up with The Originals and learned from Klaus. So I’m sure he is waiting patiently for the impulsive hybrid to make a move that he could use for his advantage. Reclaiming the “kingdom” that he put back together in their absence. Makes perfect sense to me and I agree with Charles about Marcel showing us a little more craziness. We will also learn more about what happened in 1919 and how his now fractured relationship with both Rebekah and Davina will play a role in this character’s path for the second half of the season. For the full interview click here.


Check out the directors preview of The Originals new episode “The Casket Girls” premiering January, 14th. 

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