The Originals: “Moon Over Bourbon Street” Review.


Let me say, first of I’m so excited to get to share my thoughts with you all on The Originals “Moon Over Bourbon Street” and  thank you for reading!!! Now let’s recap first.

Rebecca was set free in Episode 16, yes this makes me sad, but at some point we can always hope for a return!! Any who so here we all are witches, wolves, vampires and mortals..(I might add not the most dramatic episode, but sure sets the stage for lots to happen). There is a meeting in the church with the reps from each group, except the wolves, don’t worry Hayley fixes that and shows up. Much to Elijah’s surprise might I add, to sign a peace treaty. *tsk Elijah always wanting peace after 1,000 yrs he should know better. Davina is struggling with her powers and the ancestors, Josh returned YAY!!! So love him. Cami & Marcel role in the hay with Genevieve spying through the dream catcher, and we have our beloved Klaus *swoon* as always has a plan of his own. We saw him talking to Jackson, convincing him Hybrid is the way to go!!

Meanwhile the dear sweet *cough* reverend is chained in the church due to the hex causing homicidal side effects, he almost took Cami out!!! Yep he did lol Those of course are just the I mentioned not the most edge of your seat episode BUT it does set the stage FOR some REALLY explosive things to go down!! For instance possible Klaus Hybrid army?? Klaus possibly killing Marcel for sleeping with Cami?? We can feel confident there will be a war with the witches. Whats going to happen with the reverend?? The wolves will be split for sure if Klaus turns them into hybrids, that will make Hayley FURIOUS and drive her closer to Elijah? That’s what I’m thinking!!! I will ALWAYS hope for Caroline to shake up New Orleans!! Unfortunately friends we will have to wait until April 15th to see what’s next!! Until then The Vampire Diaries is back tonight at 8pm est on the CW!! You are always welcome to tweet me @Melissamg9588 again thank you so much for reading.

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