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Spoiler Room:

Loved the Haylijah “I love you” on The Originals! Anything on what’s next for them? — Susie
There’s good and bad news on that front. The good news? It was a sincere moment. “That’s a big step forward for them,” EP Michael Narducci says. “There is an intense — not just attraction — but an intense loyalty and intense romance [with] very strong feelings between these two characters.” The bad news, however, is that their love is going to be tested this season. “What’s going to happen next is what happens in life: You don’t just get to rest and enjoy a perfect tranquil life where everything you experience is joy and happiness,” Narducci says. “There’s going to be complications and heartbreak and trouble. A lot of things are going to stand in the way of these people’s happiness, and I just hope they’re able to not only survive it but endure together.”


Ask Ausiello:

Question: I’m going through Vampire Diaries withdrawal over here! What can you tell me about Alaric’s upcoming trip to The Originals? –Alice
Sorry to hear about your difficult time, Alice. Hopefully this can can help: Charles Michael Davis (aka The Originals’ Marcel) recently teased a scene he has opposite Matt Davis (Alaric) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah). “Matt took it upon himself to ad-lib a lot, so it was tough getting through that scene,” he said. “When they put out the bloopers for the season, I feel like that scene is definitely going to be in there.” (And here’s some bonus scoop for that blooper reel: It may or may not involve Beyoncé.)


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