The Originals: Why New Viewers May Not Understand Klaus.


From the beginning Julie Plec wanted to draw a new audience to The Originals. But after five episodes some may not see our love for the original hybrid. One viewer gives up insight as to way:

Fruit of the Poisoned TreeAs someone who’s never watched The Vampire Diaries but has heard a lot about it, picking up The Originals has been a strange experience. There are my expectations, and then there’s reality, and the two haven’t really meshed yet — especially when it comes to the show’s handsome anti-hero, Klaus.

From everything I’d heard, I should be head-over-heels in love with this character already. I’m a sucker for delightfully wicked characters struggling towards redemption, or even just showing moments of remorse, and I thought Klaus was going to fit the bill from day one. I tuned in expecting him to quickly ascend the ranks of Best Vampires Ever in my mind, but four episodes later, I’m left cold.

I’ve been trying to figure out why, and after pondering this important question for a few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a combo two things: I haven’t seen enough of that supposed good side I’ve heard so much about, and he’s not deliciously evil enough to make up for it.

So far, from this new viewer’s point-of-view, Klaus has been almost tediously dickish and self-serious. He’s screwed Rebekah (who is awesome) out of ever having a proper love-life because he’s boringly overprotective and cruel. He wants to take New Orleans because of, what, wounded pride? Because that’s what the evil vamp would do in this situation? His relationship with Hayley has certainly added nothing positive into the mix. Last week, we got some insight into his life philosophy, which was mildly interesting, but in the end I’ve heard the “there’s no good and evil, only survival and selfishness” spiel too many times before for it to singlehandedly elevate Klaus in my eyes, especially when it was delivered with such overwrought angst.
It’s actually Marcel that has caught my villain lovin’ heart, and the differences make it clear why Klaus isn’t working for me yet. Unlike his rival for power, Marcel is fun to watch. He’s definitely a bad guy, but a bad guy overflowing with charisma and charm. Plus, as a new viewer who’s not necessarily inclined to side with the Mikaelson’s in principle, I’ve got to say, the man has some legitimate grievances against them — especially Klaus. I feel like I have a clearer handle on his internal life, and so it’s Marcel’s moments of genuine emotion that I find myself eagerly anticipating each week.

Will The Originals be able to woo me over to Team Klaus? Each week we’ve been given a little more insight into him, and I will say that he’s growing on me very, very slowly, so I hope one day I’ll be able to root for him. After all, have you seen that jawline? It would be a shame to waste that on a character I don’t like.

source: Wetpaint

I can see very well why this viewer came to this conclusion. What I feel could change that is Caroline crossing over to show. Why? If they are not going to move Klaus and Cami’s relationship forward as friends or whatever.  It could hurt our hybrid in the long run. Klaus is all about power and he has not once but twice stated the reason he is intrigued by the magical baby. Now it seems as if Elijah is more fatherly at the moment than Klaus. Which I don’t know giving him a love interest  so early would be believable. Giving the history they have shown us on the show, but him having a past with Caroline would. This is one of the reason’s why I hated that they cut the scene where he calls her in the pilot. That gave the viewer a glimpse into Klaus feeling something more than anger or resentment. One of the reasons we fell in love with him on TVD was because of his affections towards Caroline opened us up to him. Seeing the man past all the power and hate.  The reason why the baby plot did not fly with me is not because of my shipper heart, but because of a good point the viewer brought up. Klaus not being evil enough. On TVD I saw this mad, powerful hybrid who kills at will. Here not so much so, because of the baby being held over his head. I would much rather see Klaus turned loose and wreaking havoc on New Orleans.  Maybe this future is in the cards, we don’t know. One thing is certain if your main character is not loved the interest in the show could fall short.

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