The Originals Poll: Which Vampire Would You Let Bite You?


With the excitement in full swing for the return of The Originals tomorrow night. The Originals AAF decided to have a poll. Which vampire would you let bite you. We’re talking just a little taste not death, so if you had to choose. Who would it be?

VD313c1634b8--2397108966117911888Klaus:  We know his bite is lethal to vampires but not humans. Plus look at the way he cradles you in his arms. Only problem is we would want to make sure he stops before our heart does.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 2.29.37 PM

Elijah:  Sure… we have not seen Elijah actually  feed  yet. But my guess is he is very “Interview with The Vampire” seductive. We know he would not be as quick to kill you as Klaus, but this brother intrigues us.


Marcel:  The charismatic man he is. Let’s not forget all the women that have already swooned over him . With that smile could you resist his charms?

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