The Originals Post Episode: More Blood and No Love Triangles.


The Originals Post Episode: More Blood and No Love Triangles.

Check out this round up of all the latest interviews on The Originals episode 2.01.

What does Kol want with Davina?
In the second episode of the season we explore what he’s doing and what his interests are and it takes off from there. There is this notion that Davina, as a former Harvest girl, is one of the most powerful witches in New Orleans. She’s completely independent of Cassie and Esther and whatever it is that Esther’s planning. Esther did a locator spell in this episode and was not able to break past it and that gives you a sense of Esther’s frustration that there’s somebody else out there that’s a wild card in Esther’s plan, whatever her agenda is for her children. … Kaleb, since he just happened to be placed in the body of an extremely handsome and charming young British witch, might be the best guy to go and find out what’s going on with Davina.

What’s Cami’s goal now?
Coming out of this episode it seems like she’s made a decision to protect herself and to get out of this crazy occult world to avoid becoming slaughtered by vampires and werewolves. … Cami still believes that the baby died. She believes that part of the reason why that baby was put at risk and part of the reason that the baby died is she didn’t act fast enough and embrace the inheritance that Kieran left for her. She didn’t go into that room and look at all those dark objects and files and figure out all the information that would have told her who Francesca really was. Full Article Here

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Don’t expect a Hayley/Elijah/Klaus love triangle. “[Hayley’s] a mess, and Elijah sees that. And yet at the same time he recognizes, ‘I could only help her so much because I am not what she is, the person who is what she is and understands what she’s going for is my brother.’ Right away, in next week’s episode, you’re going to get to see how that plays out, and I would caution against anyone using the idea that this is going to be some kind of love triangle. I think it’s a little bit more nuanced and interesting from my perspective than that. When you’re dealing with someone like Klaus, you have to wonder, that great big speech that he gave at the end of this episode, was that infused with some desire to connect with this person romantically? Was that a sincere desire to reach out to someone who had fallen and he just wanted to mentor? Or is that maybe a less-than-sincere desire by someone who craves power to manipulate someone else into a place where they can help him get what he wants, which might ultimately be the same thing Hayley wants—safety for the child, safety through numbers of having that werewolf pack on our side. But Klaus is a multidimensional, complex character and I wouldn’t think that he’s necessarily 100 percent motivated by anything as pure as romantic love.” Full Article Here

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Will Esther and Mikael reunite? At the moment, they do not know the other is back. “That’s something else we’ll have a little fun with and play with,” Narducci said. Whether or not Esther and Mikael — who will attempt to escape from Davina’s shackles — would be friends or foes should they meet again is a big question. “We will see that somewhere down the line,” he hinted, alluding to a potentially ugly reunion.

What do Finn and Esther want with Cami? “They have one of the coolest reasons possible for wanting to get to know Cami and at first, you’re going to think it’s one thing and when you find out what it really is, you will be impressed,” Narducci teased. “When the pitch came into the [writers’] room, I thought, ‘Wow, that’s freaky.’ ”

Will people begin to suspect that Hope is actually alive? Without confirming, Narducci alluded to that being a big possibility down the line: “That would be awful and that would also lead to great dramatic conflict.” Full Article Here

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Tune in next week for The Originals Episode 2.02 “Alive and Kicking” 

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