The Originals Recap: All Hail King Klaus [ep1x08]


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By this point the episode is really starting to bore me. I figure the set up would take more than just a couple of hours. I mean you are taking down a 1000yr old hybrid.

Klaus has a talk with Father Kieran about Cami and how she should leave town. Klaus is showing such compassion for her. Warning the priest that he will compel her if he has too. The demons she’s chasing after will only lead to a bad road for her. Also, Klaus points out that there is a war coming. Kieran listens to what Klaus is saying as the two share a drink.

Again…I do not get this storyline and why we are back to it. It distracted me a little because you have him caring for Cami but by the end of the episode he is declaring that the baby is the only thing in this world he cares about.  Which we know that is a lie too….

Elijah is still having visions and still tries to warn Hayley about staying. He pushes her to get information about her family because that is what she came for, but Hayley still protest. Not leaving his side.

So basically before the showdown Marcel with Rebekah at his side confronts Klaus. While Klaus notices the dagger Rebekah has. Vampires come out of the shadows. Saying to Marcel that he taught him better. Face-off is about to begin.  Making a deal with whomever picks up the coin, as he lays it down.

As the first couple of vampires come at Klaus, he easily gets rid of them. With Klaus easy defeats. Then the next wave comes and throws chains on him. Rebekah and Marcel watch thinking the hybrid is defeated. The growl that leaves this mans throat is sexy and disturbing at the same time.

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