The Originals Recap and Review: “Always and Forever”


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.43.53 PMThe Originals fans can rejoice to a great season opener.  All the waiting has really paid off to a well polished, thought out retelling of  what we all knew as the backdoor pilot for the show.

The Originals “Always and Forever” opens with a flashback 300 years ago. A mysterious ship has suddenly appeared on the shores of New Orleans. As the two men board the ship they discover the ship is abandoned with no crew present. After they do a brief look over they encounter coffins and then they hear noises. Rebekah (Claire Holt)  appears and talks to the men giving them a slight introduction followed by Elijah (Daniel Gillies) adding to the conversation. Then we have Klaus’s(Joseph Morgan) intro and soon after see the bodies of the dead crew members.

We cut to present day New Orleans with Elijah conversing with Camille. Giving his view on how he cleans up or fixes his brothers mistakes. They share a back and forth and then he asks about Jean-Anne. Next we see Sabine (Shannon Kane) giving a tour of the french quarter. She calls out Elijah for his lurking as he explains why he is there and who he is looking for. Sabine already knows the originals and tries to tell him as much as she can. Leading him to Sophie (Daniella Pineda) along with other witches in the street mourning Jane Anne’s  death. She further explains the changes that have taken place since the originals left. Giving us our first glimpse of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) since the episode started.

Marcel has a heated exchange with Sophie about why his protegé Klaus is asking questions about her sister. He then decides to take the body not giving Sophie the chance to properly bury her sister. This part of the episode where Sophie is introduced to Elijah is the same as the pilot episode. So this is where the two episodes meet up. They have a talk where she explains to Elijah the problem the witches have with Marcel. Giving way to the discovery of Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and the magical baby. Also why they need her in a plot to get Klaus to help them get rid of Marcel.

We cut to Elijah and Hayley in the cave, as he gives her a back story on his family. He also shows us his special ability to make people see what he is telling them. Flashback to when the originals first became vampires and Klaus made his first kill. We almost see Klaus change fully into a wolf but that is cut short by Mikael (Sebastian Roche). “He’s a beast, an abomination” he tells Elijah, which leads Elijah to explain his mothers indiscretions towards her husband and the curse she set upon her son. They show Klaus being chained up and begging for help from Elijah.  Hayley introduces herself after, as Elijah continues to explain why he thinks this could help his brother. Sophie walks in and explains how this plan will work and what Elijah has to do. In order for the witches to get rid of Marcel with Klaus’s help.

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The following scene is also a repeat from the pilot where Klaus discovers Hayley is pregnant. Having Sophie explain nature’s loophole. Followed by us learning the spell Jane-Anne preformed. Linking Hayley to Sophie for insurance that the originals will help them. Meanwhile Klaus is still reluctant  to accept the baby and confronts Marcel. All scenes we have seen. The only other Rebekah parts in this episode are the phone conversation between her and Elijah.

Elijah and Klaus have a heated fight as he brother tries to explain to him why he is there and trying to help. Elijah feels guilty for all those things that happen to Klaus and whats to help him. Klaus still is not on board and calls his brother ” a sentimental fool.” Elijah converses with Marcel, and brokers a deal to get the body of Jane-Anne back. Also letting Marcel know that Klaus’s blood can heal his friend. After the body is giving back to Elijah the witches still push him to get Klaus on board and tell him time is running out. We cut to the burial of Jane-Anne as Elijah talks about what he thinks family means. Leading us into the conversation he has with Klaus on the bench. As Klaus tells him how he sees the baby as a power pawn and that Elijah can tell the witches they have a deal.

As they move into the house Elijah and Hayley have a heart-felt moment. He asked her how she feels about becoming a mother and we learn a little more of her background. Elijah makes her a promise to not let anything happen to her as Klaus enters with his snide comments towards his brother. Klaus explains that Marcel fell for the deception as he offered his blood to heal his friend and they discuss what the witches want from her or why. Bringing up very good questions as they move into another room. Klaus explains what his problem could be with acquiring his kingdom back from Marcel. Letting Elijah know as he sticks a dagger in his chest, that the weak link is Elijah and his love for family. “Family is a weakness” he says as his brother’s body turns grey. Yep! that’s right Elijah is daggered again.


Overall I enjoyed how this episode played out. I loved the flashbacks as always and the nod to Interview with The Vampire, one of my favorites movies. I’m still on board with Klaus as far the baby goes. I am a little intrigued to learn more about Elijah’s feelings towards Hayley. Are they genuine are is he projecting his hurt from not being able to save Katherine on to Hayley? Really can’t wait to see how Rebekah reacts when she blows into town about her eldest brother being daggered. Also her initial reaction to meeting Hayley too. This episode left me wanting more from The Originals, which is a good thing….

Tune in next week for The Originals on its regular night and time. Tuesdays’s 8pm EST on The CW. Next weeks episode “House Of The Rising Son” leads us into Marcel’s back story. Can’t Wait!




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