The Originals Return Tonight: Web Clips, Spoilers and More…

It’s finally here fang fans. The return of our favorite family…The Originals. So check out all the goodies below.


Question: Are we going to learn why The Originals‘ Esther and Dahlia are so scared of Mikael? —Tom
You’ll gradually learn more about Esther and Dahlia’s feelings on Mikael as the season progresses, but not before Esther makes a pretty big decision: “I cannot say whether she does or does not [transition into a vampire],” hedges executive producer Julie Plec, “But I can say that we learn which choice she made in the very first episode back.”

Question: Hey Aus, in Episode 2.04 and 2.05 of The Originals we saw Klaus and Camille get much closer. Can we look forward to more of their amazing chemistry this season? —Melissa
The chemistry can’t be denied, but don’t count on him acknowledging his feelings for her — or for anyone other than Hope — anytime soon. “Klaus is someone who believes that love makes him weak, and he is terrified of it, yet he’s opened his heart to this daughter that’s filling his heart in a way he never thought it could be filled,” says EP Julie Plec. “Given his hesitation about embarking on too many feelings, I think he’s full up at the moment. There isn’t necessarily a romance he’s going to be interested in exploring in quite some time.”



Every new Originals spoiler seems to be about the baby or Klaus or Hayley’s werewolves. What about Elijah? –Anna
Elijah’s got a new enemy when the series returns Monday — and by “new,” we mean old. Very old. “There’s going to be a little conflict between Elijah and Klaus,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “The brothers are at their best when they’re working together, and they’re also at their best when they’re on opposite sides of the fight. The beauty of their dynamic is that you enjoy them just as much when they’re bickering as you do when they’re side-by-side. There will be questions of what’s best for the family. For Klaus, it’s always going to be about Hope, but for Elijah, he has an obligation to the entire family. It’ll put them at odds over the course of the rest of the year.”

Now that The CW has seen how successful the crossover between Arrow/Flashwas, is there any chance they would consider doing something like that with The Originals/The Vampire Diaries? –Emmy
I hand-delivered your Q to CW president Mark Pedowitz, and he’s game only if the sister series’ producers are. “For me, when you’re doing crossovers, they have to have a level of organic basis; otherwise they feel forced and the audience recognizes it,” he said. “So it’s up to them. If they think it’s the right way to go, I’m fine.”

latest copy[quote_box_right]Will we see Dahlia in present day on The Originals? — Tom
Yup! They even just sent out a casting breakdown for her, which is “proof that she exists,” executive producer Julie Plec tells me. “We’re so excited to see what kind of talent we can pull towards this role, because it’s juicy and meaty and [she’ll go] head-to-head with Klaus.” As for the details of Dahlia’s return, there’s a chance she won’t be alone. “Did [Dahlia] dabble in immortality spells?” executive producer Michael Narducci ponders. “And if so, if Dahlia is still around, is Freya?”[/quote_box_right]

Don’t miss the return of The Originals TONIGHT!! 8/7C on The CW Network. 

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