The Originals Review of ‘Sinners and Saints’: It All Comes Down To Family


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Going in to this episode I had a lot of high hopes, most were delivered while some of it left me even more puzzled. From the moment “The Originals” started we were led to believe that this was a war between the witches and vampires. Well guess what, it was all wrong. This episode shed light on the real reason Klaus was called back to wrangle in his protegé Marcel.

Sinners and SaintsThe episode opens with Klaus waiting for Sophie, as she walks through the door. Seconds later she is sitting in the Mikaelson’s living room explaining the that she had no part in the witches plans. But as the story unfolds, she has a bigger role to play. She begins to tell us of her trouble childhood, which seems to be the main theme of this show. Sophie explains to us the harvest and how every  three centuries it is preformed to restore power to the ancestral witches. Where our young Davina fits in is she was one of the girls chosen for the ceremony or slaughter we later learn. The most important part of this conversation to me was Sabines’ vision of the magical baby. ‘It will bring death to all witches’. The part I did not find convincing is the fact that Klaus did not want to speak to Sabine to further go into detail about this matter. But moving on…

Klaus receives a phone call from Marcel about dead witches, as Klaus agrees to accompany him. You can see at this point the wheels turning in Rebekah, Sophie and Hayley’s heads. Klaus leaves telling her to wait for him to return before telling the rest of the story. We cut to Marcel and Father Kieran having a conversation about taking Davina away. As Father Kieran points out that Marcel may come to like the power Davina holds over the witches and has been using that to his personal gain. Further in to this conversation we learn about Cami’s tie to it. Father Kieran is Cami’s uncle, he proceeds to tell Marcel to stay away from her.

s030a-o29-org-110-11Elijah and Davina are learning a lot about each other in this episode. She begins to tell him why she hates all witches. Going further into the Harvest plot, which reminds me of Silas and the sacrifices needed to bring him back. So get ready for witches 101.

  • The coven picks 4 girls to sacrifice, leading them to believe in their resurrection once the ritual is complete.
  • Davina questions this after Sophie shows resistance  to Davina’s best friend being chosen. (Jane-Anne’s daughter)
  • Once the ritual begins, they simply cut the throats  of these young girls
  • Marcel and Sophie both intervene to stop it. At the end of this rampage Marcel has Davina.
  • Father Kieran plays a role in telling Marcel to stop it and giving Davina a safe place to hide.
  • Jane-Anne is upset that her daughter’s life was taken for no reason, since the ritual was not completed.
  • Sophie vows to her sister that she will do whatever she has to to bring her niece back.
  • Jane-Anne gives her life for this to take place, enter Hayley and the magical baby
  • Sophie is hurt by Marcel’s betrayal because they used to hook-up  and she told him everything about the crazy old witches.

Whew, that was a lot of information. So much so that I think they should have broken up some of it and place it in different episodes. I could really tell that the writers really want to move this show along, revealing each characters role in this quest for the witches to regain power.

During this time, Marcel is stalling Klaus. As Klaus is doing the same to him. Remember he is trying to move Davina out of the quarter. Elijah makes a deal with Davina after learning that during the ritual each girl who had already died passed their power to the next. Making Davina a very powerful girl, who can not control her gifts. Elijah informs her that his mother was a powerful witch and has grimoires  that could help her control her magic, if she agrees to help him.

Sinners and SaintsCut to Rebekah, Sophie and Hayley discovering wolf tracks at the witches slaughter. Adding more mystery to why this wolf is protecting Hayley and killing witches. Klaus discovers Cami’s heartbreak and who is responsible causing the hybrid to feel something in this episode. Cut to the ending where Elijah is reunited with his family. This is the best part for me in the whole episode. The look on Rebekah’s face when she sees her brother. What also stood out to me was Hayley’s reaction which is followed by the now infamous “Slap heard around the world.” The moment is sweet when Elijah goes after her, but she is upset that he did not keep his promise. Klaus and Rebekah realize there is something between the two and a lot of people thought Klaus would be upset. From what I saw he just put together the pieces of the puzzle and it really did not faze him one bit. I guess that will be explored in future episodes.

If this review seems to jump around a bit and gives you a lot of information that may or may not fit. That’s what this episode of The Originals felt like. I enjoyed the episode because it finally revealed really what was going on but it crammed so much so soon. It will leave viewers with lots of questions and no really clear answer. One thing is for sure this show is all about power and family and what one is willing to sacrifice for power or the safety  of it. What did you think of this episode?

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