The Originals Speculation: How Will Klaus Get Word About Mystic Falls?


The Originals episode looks to be a good one this week but with TVD’s 100 episode set for Thursday. Many are wondering how Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will get word about Katherine’s demise. I have two theories about how The Originals will get word of what the Mystic Falls crew has been going through. Some are also wondering if another Original will make an appearance.

klaus-phone-callWe all know Tyler is stuck down in the “garden” and I’m sure he had a cell phone on him. So my first theory is, Klaus listens to a message left by Caroline about what is going on. We know the hybrid will be interested  if there our multiple messages left my his “last love.”

Next…and this is the one I’m betting on. Cause I have faith in the writers. Caroline and Katherine had some pretty close moments so far in season 5. We all know that Caroline is a fighter and will try to find every possible solution. So I think Miss Forbes will call Klaus herself and inform him of what is going on. This leads me to the “bad thing” Caroline later confesses too. I don’t think it has to do with the speculated Klaroline kiss. I think she will call Klaus and things will not go as planned which will have a trickle effect through the gang. Leaving Caroline to feel guilty about calling the hybrid in the first place. But we all know Caroline’s character will have to face the music and make a big decision later on this season. I think that has everything to do with our hybrid. And from spoilers we know Tyler will be back but I’m hoping Elijah will come along for the ride. I would love to see him and Katherine say goodbye or at least hello.

Let’s face it Klaus needs someone in his corner and with Hayley and Elijah making puppy eyes at each other and Camille hell-bent on making him pay. Caroline seems like the best person to have in his corner. Let’s not forget his allure with the blonde vampire. But we don’t have long to wait. With a new episode of The Originals this week and the return of TVD. It’s sure to be more than our shipper hearts can handle. How do you think Klaus will return?

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